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SKUAST-Kashmir is one of the leading farm universities in India that caters to North-Western Himalayan hill and mountain agriculture. Since its inception it has been our consistent endeavor to help state in achieving the food and nutritional security imperatives and fulfill the aspirations of various stakeholders. Our broader objectives of creating a competent human resource and provide technology back up and outreach have shaped our activity landscape and we are consistently striving to work for improving overall quality of life encompassing food, nutritional and economic security as well as work towards a broader objective of improved one health (plants, animals, humans, soil and environment). Our achievements have resulted in tangible overall economic benefits to state at large and UT of J&K has emerged as top performers in farm income and farmer prosperity despite going through unwelcome situations. We are realigning our research priorities in line with farmer’s production constraints and livelihood opportunities to create viable and profitable farming systems in state. Our consistent efforts to better our performance in terms of academic and scholarly output have helped us emerge as one of the top ranked state agricultural universities. 

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