Vice Chancellor's Message

SKUAST-Kashmir is one of the leading farm universities in India that caters to North-Western Himalayan hill and mountain agriculture. Since its inception it has been our consistent endeavor to help state in achieving the food and nutritional security imperatives and fulfill the aspirations of various stakeholders. Our broader objectives of creating a competent human resource and provide technology back up and outreach have shaped our activity landscape and we are consistently striving to work for improving overall quality of life encompassing food, nutritional and economic security as well as work towards a broader objective of improved one health (plants, animals, humans, soil and environment). Our achievements have resulted in tangible overall economic benefits to UT at large and J&K has emerged as top performers in farm income and farmer prosperity despite going through unwelcome situations. We are realigning our research priorities in line with farmer’s production constraints and livelihood opportunities to create viable and profitable farming systems in state. Our consistent efforts to better our performance in terms of academic and scholarly output have helped us emerge as one of the top ranked state agricultural universities. The forward movement of university is a testimony to our commitment towards the national responsibility of working for the welfare of stakeholders including students, farmers, agri-industries and consumers. I am privileged to lead my team at SKUAST-K with a holistic vision of fulfilling our social responsibility. Our commitment stems from the fact that we have not only partnered the national initiatives of developing a model for outcome based higher education but also led various innovative reforms that have been recognized nationally. We have laid out an ambitious policy and action framework that encompasses the broader national vision laid out in national educational policy 2020 and national startup and innovation policy that seeks to realign the agricultural education in light of global changes in knowledge and skill requirements as well as foster the cultural and social responsibility values of education for making India a knowledge super power. We have developed a holistic vision that has been acknowledged at national level and our efforts towards execution of the vision framework have already yielded results much before other institutions are bracing for the change. We are committed to drive our institutional changes towards a system of education that fosters human values, scholarly output and a responsible knowledge society and are working towards building our capacity to develop science based solutions to issues confronting farming. SKUAST-K as an institution of higher learning has started an ambitious journey on the path of a progress in terms of students output, research excellence, outreach and overall institutional indicators and we are committed to our broader responsibilities as a socially responsible institution and will continue our efforts towards our mandated goals by creating enabling infrastructure and ecosystem and a pool of competent human resource that will lead us to be a part of fourth industrial revolution that drives technology based solutions to societal issues.

Prof. (Dr.) Nazir Ah. Ganai