High Mountain Arid Agriculture Research Institute, Leh


Projects Externally Funded

YearTitle Of ProjectP.I.Funding AgencyTotal Budget In LacStatus
2019Development of solar power integrated micro irrigation system for arid condition of LadakhDr. Deldan NamgialNCPAH, MOA&FW, GoI36.50On going
2019Performance of earth tube heat exchanger and ground air collector for space heating under cold arid condition of LadakhDr. Deldan NamgialNABARD9.08On going
2021Task force on Himalayan Agriculture-NMSHE (2nd Phase)Dr. Deldan NamgialDST-CCP82.02On going
2019Multiplication and Distribution of Quality Medicinal Plant Material for Cold Arid Agro-EcosystemDr. Kunzes AngmoAYUSH, GoI2.00On going
2019Quality Planting Material Production for Sustaining Future Fruit Production in Kargil (Ladakh)Dr. Disket DolkarDST-SSTP38.76On going
2019Empowerment of tribal women in (Kargil) Ladakh region for strengthening livelihood security through training and demonstrationDr. Disket DolkarDST-SERB19.06On going
2018Dissemination of vermicompost Technology in Ladakh regionDr. Jigmet YangchanNABARD9.00On going
2014All India Coordinated Research Project on Changthangi GoatsDr. Mohsin Ayoub MirICAR29.33On going