Faculty of Forestry


Registration Details for Spring Semester - 2021

General Instructions

  1. Online Registration shall be purely provisional and subject to verification of eligibility. Online Registration will not confer right upon the student to have been formally registered for the semester untill and unless their eligibility is determined with reference to their scholastic records.
  2. Students are advised to check the Course Offer notice before filling and submitting the Registration Cards.
  3. Students must affix scans of their recent Passport Size Photographs and signatures at the designated places on their respective Registration Cards.
  4. Students must pay the fee as per the Fee Details avaiulable at the FoF portal in trhe designated account.
  5. Registration Cards complete in all respects must be forwarded in Word Format alongwith scan copy of Fee Receipt  to deanforestry@skuastkashmir.ac.in  by or before 24.04.2021.
  6. Any incomplete Registration Card will be discarded.
  7. In case of any discrepancy, the student shall be personally responsible.

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