Directorate of Research


 Brief About : Directorate Of Research

SKUAST-Kashmir is the State Agricultural University vested with a mandate to undertake research and development in agriculture and allied sectors, particularly in hilly and mountain regions of the State.Research is the major driver of agricultural transformation. SKUAST-K is the leading university of hill and mountain agriculture and is mandated with conducting basic, applied and strategic research on crops and commodities that generate technological backup for securing food and livelihood security.

 Directorate of Research was established to coordinate all research activities in SKUAST-K and to administer / monitor the activities of Research Stations situated in different Agro-ecological zones including temperate regions of Kashmir & cold arid region of Ladakh. The Directorate is headed by the Director Research who is supported by  two Associate/ Deputy Directors & one Assistant  Director for carrying out the activities of the Directorate.  Director Research is the Nodal Officer for implementing the schemes funded by ICAR and other external agencies including DST, DBT, UGC, DRDO, BARC WORLD BANK Ministries of Agriculture & Farmers welfare, Science &Technology, Sate sponsored schemes viz., RKVY, MIDH, National Missions  and other National & International agencies etc.


Directorate of Research Coordinates the research activities in the field of Agriculture, Horticulture Veterinary Sciences, Forestry, Fisheries, Agri-engineering and Sericulture. The Research activities in Agriculture & allied sectors are being undertaken in different divisions of the constituent faculties and are catered through 18 Research Stations/centers located in diverse agro-ecosystem of University. Constant efforts are being made to address the demand-driven issues in all possible areas. Presently, more than 165 Externally funded  projects & 325 Research  council projects including the AICRP/AINP are in operation in the Seven Faculties and Research stations of the university.

The University has state of art research facilities supported with well-equipped laboratories, administrative buildings and other infrastructures to carry-out location specific research. Emphasis is on participatory On-farm and on-station research on contemporary issues for increasing agricultural productivity, breed, feed / fodder requirement and food / nutritional security besides protecting the environment in the region.The Primary focus of Directorate is to plan, aid, undertake and promote research that primarily addresses the needs of farming/rural communities, improves their  livelihoods and help build partnerships by working in collaboration with stakeholders, institutional linkages and public-private partnership.

There is a considerable convergence of thinking across regions on major trends, drivers, challenges and emerging science opportunities due to diversity & rich heritage of the region.  The University is focusing its research in the frontier areas viz., Climate Resilient Agriculture, Biotechnology, Precision Agriculture, Nano-technology, Pre-breeding, Hill Mechanization, Dryland agriculture, small millets, Niche Crops viz., Saffron , Kala - zeera, Ambri-apple ,Aromatic Rices,  Coldwater fisheries, Inventing location specific IFS models, ICT in agriculture, Post harvest technology & Value addition ,Market intelligence etc.,

The Mission of the Directorate is “Using science to create a livelihood system framework through better technological backup support services to the farmers of Kashmir and Ladakh region”.

The Vision of the Directorate is to become a leading University for Research and Training in Mountain and high mountain agricultural systems.

Current Research Programmes

  • Crop and Animal Genetic Resources, their conservation and improvement.
  • Development  of climate resilient varieties and technologies / techniques.
  • Organic Farming Research and input production.
  • Research on quality assessment and Pesticide Residue Analysis.
  • Revival of land races and their utilization.
  • Evaluation of promising nut crops and high value vegetables.
  • Standardization of technology for clonal propagation of walnuts under controlled conditions.
  • Establishment of budwood bank and popularization of propagation technology in kiwifruit.
  • Impact of different training systems on growth and productivity of high density temperate fruits.
  • Use of Green & clean technologies for disease/pest management.
  • Performance study of new apple varieties under Kashmir conditions.
  • Double crop cocon production and low cost rearing technologies.
  • Research on Wildlife Sciences Conservation and Breeding.
  • Research on Agro-Forestry model verification.
  • Domestication and commercialization of medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • Standardization of feed site specific fodder production technologies.
  • Development of vaccines and diagnostic tools for disease management.
  • Development of cow side diagnostic kits for various livestock diseases.
  • Development of minimally invasive surgical techniques & protocols for food & companion animals
  • Standardization of feed & fodder preservation & fortification technologies.
  • Devising epidemiology &weather based animal disease forecasting & forewarning mechanism.
  • Initiate Research & development of Livestock farm mechanization.
  • Strengthening Animal breeding research using ICT tools, artificial intelligence & networking.


Future Plans: Establishment of new faculties/ centers/stations


  • Agriculture Education, Multimedia Training and Research Centre (AEMTRC).
  • Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship Centre (SKIIE).
  • Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Agriculture (CAIML).
  • Advance Horticulture Research and Training Centre.
  • Poultry Research and training Institute.
  • Centre for Research on Precision farming.
  • Centre for Animal disease diagnosis & control.