National Agricultural Higher Education Project - NAHEP (IDP SKUAST-K)


Background Horticulture is the most vibrant sector of the economy of Jammu and Kashmir State which constitutes about 45% of the share which agriculture sector contributes to GSDP, it entails a turnover of about four thousand crores annually comprising of a major production and export sector.Though the Faculty for Horticulture was created during the year 2007,yet it started functioning during April, 2014. The undergraduate programme in Horticulture (B. Sc., Hort.) was started during 2007 under the Faculty of Agriculture, Wadura and accredited by the Accreditation Board of ICAR during 2009. According to the decision taken by the University Council at its 20th, 21st and 22nd Meeting and adoption of the provisions of ICAR Model Act, the Faculty of Horticulture was established at Shalimar campus and the postgraduate programmes in Horticulture and allied disciplines which were earlier accredited under the Faculty of Postgraduate studies were brought under the administrative, academic and technical control of the Dean Faculty of Horticulture.
Vision To be the leader in horticulture education, training and research with special reference to Hill and Mountain Ecosystem.
  • Imparting quality education in Horticulture and its allied branches to produce competent and skilled human resource.
  • To accomplish/conduct local need based research to generate useful technologies and disseminate these technologies for promotion of horticulture in the state.
  • To develop entrepreneurship programmes and modules for commercial Horticulture.
  • To become a repository and to diversify Horticultural production in tune with the existing and future driving forces for change.
  • To emerge as the Centre of Excellence of Learning for Hill and Mountain Horticulture and its allied branches.