National Agricultural Higher Education Project - NAHEP (IDP SKUAST-K)


Objective 4:

"Honour and Build the strong alumni network for funding and branding of the university and mentoring and career opportunities for students."

Alumni Philanthropic Perspective

Activity Chart



Nos / Quantity

Establish Alumni Cell

-        Create Alumni Database

-        Use social media to promote engagement between alumni, students and faculty

-        Gather and publish alumni success stories for inspiring students


Alumni Cell to be managed by 1 faculty and 1 Computer Asstt

Printing facility of success stories (digital and hard)

Create an alumni portal for online registration and communication)

Harness Potential Of University Alumni


-        Invite alumni to campus to engage with  students& faculty for guest lectures, training, panellists in workshops etc

-        Identify mentors for students from alumni

-        Engage alumni for development of curriculum and future strategies

-        Alumni as members of regulatory bodies like Academic / Research / Extension Councils

Yearly alumni meets

Invite lectures from alumni in Industry and academia in India and abroad

Promote Alumni Philanthropy

Define projects for funding by alumni viz.

-        merit scholarships for students, scholarships for poor students, sponsoring students to foreign / industry visits

-        sourcing funding by alumni and industry for joint research and start ups


-Establishing alumni endowment chairs

Increasing Global Visibility of SKUAST-K


Catalyse collaborations with foreign universities through alumni faculty of such institutes


Activity milestone


IDP period

Post IDP period


0-6  months

6-12  months

12-18 months

18-24 months

24-30  months

30-36  months

36-42  months

42-48 months

Establish Alumni Cell









yearly Alumni meets









Alumni data base









Alumni success stories









Alumini as student mentors









Sourcing funding from alumni









Establishing  alumni endowment chairs