National Agricultural Higher Education Project - NAHEP (IDP SKUAST-K)


Objective 3:"

Set in a dynamic and institutionalised reform process in teaching, research and governance for model higher education system"

Institutionalisation of Reforms Perspective




Institutionalise the Reform Process 


Institutionalise reforms through different regulatory bodies for sustainability of the change and to build a model higher education system in agriculture 

Ø  Reforms in Teaching: Bringing Innovative Reforms for Outcome Base Learning


Common Foundation course across all UG programs


Choice-based credit system for,


Soft Skills


Higher order skills


Innovative skills


Specialised elective courses,


Inter-disciplinary learning,


Increasing student diversity (categories, states, countries, gender)


provisions for dual degree / sandwhich programs


credit transfer from partner institutions 

Ø  Reforms in Recruitment


Hiring faculty from premier institutions and from diverse academic backgrounds to enhance diversity and build excellence in teaching and learning


Create a mechanism for engaging Visiting, Adjunct and Emeritus professors from national and international institutes of eminence 

Ø  Reforms in Governance


Strengthening e-governance and PME cell for bringing efficiency, transparency and accountability


Training to ministerial staff in


Finance, Material and HR management


Office management


Sensitize about Vision and mission

o   Environment friendly Governance

o   Minimize



a)           Green Campus

b)            IT Enabled Campus

c)            Water Conservation

d)           Energy Conservation relying on renewable sources

e)            Waste Management

f)       Social Risk Mitigation

g)           Security and Surveillance

h)           Grievance Redressal System




Activity Chart

Institutionalise reforms through different regulatory bodies for sustainability of the change and to build a model higher education system in agriculture



Nos / Quantity

Institutionalise the Reform Process 


·          Reform in Teaching

-        Introduce New Skills like Soft skills, Innovation and entrepreneurial skills, higher order skills, social and life skills in students for comprehensive development of a global citizen

·         Conduct workshop and brain storming with experts

·         Invite Experts of different fields for Consultation to shape reform process

·         Call special Board of studies/ Academic Council Meeting

Reforms in Recruitment


·         Evolve new recruitment policy to attract SMART faculty

·         Hiring of Expert Faculty

·         Create mechanism for Adjunct / Visiting faculty

Seek expert consultation from HR Consultants

Reform in Student Admissions

·         Bringing Diversity

·         Mechanism for national and international student admission

Seek expert Consultation on foreign student admissions

Create ambience for foreign students

Effective governance forbringing efficiency, transparency and accountability

·         Strengthening up of University e -Governance cell

·         Alignment with National e-governance plan

Hire consultant for strengthening e -Governance in the University

·         Upgrading and modernising UMS. Student Examination System is currently operational

Building additional modules like:

o   File tracking system

o   Paperless correspondence

o   HRM and Payroll Module

o   Library Module

o   Project Evaluation Module

o   Research Activity module

o   Extension Activity Financial Module

o   Transport module

o   Laboratory management module

Training to ancillary and ministerial staff

·         Trainings in Governance, finance management,

Planning and monitoring, stress management, fulfilling university goals

Quarterly trainings for ministerial and ancillary staff in e- governance

Environment friendly governance

Reforms to Minimize



i)        Green Campus

j)        IT Enabled Campus

k)     Water Conservation

l)        Energy Conservation relying on renewable sources

m)   Waste Management

Social Risk Mitigation

n)           Security and Surveillance

o)           Grievance Redressal System


-        Solar lights of streets

-        Solar gysers in hostels

-        Led bulbs

-        Massive plantation

-        Waste management in Hostels

-        Zero waste organic farming in university

-        New building – disabledcomplaint

-        Strengthen the security and surveillance system



Activity Milestones

Activity milestone


0-6  months

6-12  months

12-18 months

18-24 months

24-30  months

30-36  months

36-42  months

42-48 months










Setting up ofe-governance cell









Setting up ofPME cell









Reforms in recruitment









Common Foundation Course









Soft skill, Higher order skill and innovation based courses









Dual degree /sandwich programme









Hiring  faculty









Reforms in e-governance