National Agricultural Higher Education Project - NAHEP (IDP SKUAST-K)


"Objective 2:

Twining with peer institutes globally for capacity building, and luring foreign students for quality education, state-of-Art infrastructure and Kashmir ambience"

International Outlook Perspective




Ø  Establish Student –Exchange Cell



to promote the free flow of students from other nations to SKUAST-K as well as allow our students to get educated in other nations.


for real-time information on admissions, Courses, and visa, travel, stay related issues

Ø  Increasing Global Visibility of SKUAST-K


·         Improved outreach of the University

& its programmes through dynamic and interactive web portal, close contacts with the Embassies, and institutes

Ø  Showcase our positives points



strengths and diversity in teaching programs


State-of- art infrastructure


the climatic, ethical, and cultural diversity of a pluralistic society

Ø  Target national and International students to make SKUAST-K a preferred destination


·         Increased ICAR quota for UG programs

·         Payment seats for non-state subject students


Attract international students from regions and countries like Central Asia, Middle East and Africa for cultural, agro-climatic and geo-physical commonalities

Ø  Establish Inter-institutional Collaboration Cell to foster cooperation in mutual areas for educational development



Ø  To effectOperational MOUs with national and international leaders in agri. Education and research for faculty and student exchange.

o   Extend our national level collaboration to

NAARM, MANAGE, IIM-A, NCAB, CIFE , IARI, IVRI, NDRI, CFTRI, CIPHET, NIFTEM, IASRI,   CITH for student and faculty exchange

o   Strengthen our international collaborationwith.

Wageningen, Kansas State University, Michigan State University, Cornell University, Western Australlia University, University of Petrova Italy (Erasmus-Mundus Programme)

o   Collaborate with institutions

having IDP in operation to learn from their experiences

Ø  Invite Peers in education and research for student motivation

Ø  Tap faculty from outside for short term Visits

Ø  Bring Experts in Agri. Education from Premiere international and National Institutions to train Faculty and students in  short term specialised courses on higher order skills in Agriculture

Ø  Faculty and Student Exposure visits to Foreign institutions

Ø  Sponsor Faculty to premier international institutions for short term training programmes to improve their competence and teaching pedagogy

Ø  Sponsor students under Sandwich/ dual degree programmes



Activity Chart



Nos / Quantity


International exposure to students

Establish Inter-Institutional Collaboration Cell to

·         Initiate and sign MoUs

·         Negotiate for Dual / sandwhich programs

·         Regulate student placements to international institutes

To be managed by

-        1 faculty  

-        1 Education Consultant  (Contractual)

-        1 Computer Asstt (Contractual)

Depute Select UG Students for international exposure

Select Students from  5 faculties as per ICAR criteria



Promotion of Student Diversity

Establish International Student Cell

Attract National / International Students



o   Conduct half yearly Educational awareness events for embassies of countries like, SE Asia, Central Asia, Middle east, Africa

o   Prepare University catalogue/Faculty Catalogue/Divisional Profile

o   Prepare Admission Brochures

o   Hire consultant for Make over and regular updation  of University  website dynamic,

International Guest Faculty

Short Capsule Courses on higher order skills

o   Hire best international faculty for customized/tailor made courses

Activity Milestones( Objective 2)


Activity milestone


IDP Period

Post IDP Period


0-6  months

6-12  months

12-18 months

18-24 months

24-30  months

30-36  months

36-42  months

42-48 months

Up-gradation of university website









Establishment of Inter-institutional collaboration cell









Signing formal MOUs with national & international institutions









Faculty exchange programme









Student  exchange programme