National Agricultural Higher Education Project - NAHEP (IDP SKUAST-K)


"College of Temperate Sericulture SKUAST-Kashmir was established during the year 1980 as Sericulture Research Centre under the Sericulture Development Department (J&K Govt.) and was transferred to SKUAST in 1982 as the Division of Sericulture. This College is located on Srinagar Baramulla highway 18 Km away from Lal chowk. The college occupies an area of 20 ha with 02 hactares under operational buildings including Administrative-Block, Academic block, cold storage and Divisional laboratories. The college also has the facility of a boy’s hostel with the capacity of 20 rooms. The college is maintaining a rich and diverse collection of genetic resources of silkworm comprising of 42-races of varied origin including Japanese, Chinese, and Russian and from various regions of India viz Karnataka and West Bangal in addition to 57 mulberry accessions."The College of Temperate Sericulture Mirgund, Pattan (Kashmir) located 18 km away from Lal chowk on Srinagar-Baramulla National Highway  was established in May 1980 as Sericulture Research Centre under the aegis of Sericulture Development Department (J&K Govt.) with a view to provide research support to the silk industry. Established on 20 ha of land, the buildings of the Division occupy 2 ha of land whereas mulberry farm is established on 18 ha. However with the advent of Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology in 1982, the erstwhile Sericulture Research Centre was transferred to the University along with manpower, assets/infrastructure and is presently designated as the College of Temperate Sericulture Mirgund.  The college is carrying out its diverse activities through five major divisions. These are:"

  • Division of Host Plant Production.
  • Division of Sericulture Crop Improvement.
  • Division of Cocoon Crop Production.
  • Division of Silk product Science
  • Division of Basic Sciences and Humanities.

"At present no institution in the country is conducting Resident Instruction programme specific to temperate bivoltine sericulture. College of Temperate sericulture Mirgund is taking a lead to address the issues of temperate sericulture and generate suitable human resource and advanced technologies for raising production and productivity of silk. The college iscarrying out its diverse activities under the following thrust areas :"

  • Silkworm Breeding and Genetics
  • Mulberry Breeding and Genetics
  • Enrichment of mulberry wealth in J&K
  • Silkworm Physiology and cocoon crop productionTechnology
  • Silkworm and Mulberry Pathology
  • Silkworm and Mulberry Entomology.
  • Post-Harvest Cocoon and Reeling Technology.
  • Popularization of Low cost Technologies for sustainable Sericulture
  • Introduction of Sericulture in the Border Areas of J&K
  • Value addition in Sericulture for income augmentation of farmers