National Agricultural Higher Education Project - NAHEP (IDP SKUAST-K)


Our IDP Values:

Faculty & Staff Competence:

Our human resource is our greatest asset; we aim To  augment it by providing positive work environment;clear vision and outlook and scope for personal/professional development.

Academic Excellence:

Strive towards building an engaging and stimulating academic environment; to build a model higher education system with improved national and international accreditations.

Social Responsibilty:

  To serve as a resource for and stimulus to economic, educational, cultural, environmental, and community development in diverse ethno-cultural region of the state and country.

Entrepreneurs for the Future:

Provide aspiring student entrepreneurs a platform to pursue their startup dreams, and generate employment opportunities for the educated youth.

Responsible Leadership:

Committed to make SKUAST-K as nursery of the leaders of tomorrow-agri-business executive, Industry leaders, Policy Planner’s, educationists, discoverers of new knowledge environment.

Quality Life:                     

Working together with society industry, government and research institutes to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.    

Diversity ,Equity and Inclusiveness:

Foster intellectual, social gender and physical equity towards diversity- sensitive learning environment.                 

Our IDP Goals:

  • To be among top OS SAUs in the country.
  • To be leading Hill and Mountain Agricultural University in the country.
  • To be accredited internationally for select courses.
  • Churn leaders of tomorrow: agri-business executive, industry leaders, policy planners.
  • To be the destination for national and international students/scholars.
  • To make J&K a Model Bio-Economy State.
  • Achieve 100% placement of students.
  • Inspire out graduate students to swarm the premier national institutes and SAUs beyound IARI, NDRI, IVRI, PAU, HAU, TNAU.
  • Enable Discovery-cum-incubation Centre for translational research.
  • Introduction Higher order Skill and courses which drive the 4th economic revolution.
  • Make SKUAST-K destination for industries for campus recruitments.