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Dean Students Welfare


Dr. M. A. A. Siddique
Dean Student Welfare

The Students Welfare Department is devoted towards the overall personality development of the students by creating an ambient atmosphere for constructive learning, academic success and socialization. The Department is grooming students from the day they are admitted in the University system by orienting them into a new academic hierarchical platform and providing the desired administrative information regarding studies starting from the process of registration upto the level of obtaining their degrees. The goal of our education is not only to create employability but also prepare students to help the farming community of the temperate and cold arid zones in the best possible professional way. For this purpose, this Department, conducts career counselling and placement sessions in all the Faculties which includes skill orientation as well. The students are exposed to a wide variety of cultures and societal groups through the scheme on educational Tours. This Department shoulders the responsibility of housing /catering of the students in Hostels located within various Faculties of the University. Health care facilities are also being provided to the students and the staff members. For this purpose a network of medical units has been established in various constituent units of the University which provide free medical aid along with ambulance services. Additionally, recreational facilities for indoor and outdoor sports are also being offered to the students through Student Facilitation Centres.

Additively this Department intends to launch the following additional services for the students:

  • Coaching services (for state level and National level competitive examinations )
  • Help & Advice services ( to provide confidential, professional help to the students with personal problems whether or not they relate to his /her study )
  • Student Awards (for students who excel in extracurricular activities)
  • Development of Alumni services ( which will act as a point of contact for all the members and the University )
  • Stress Management services (Studies are often a very stressing and a challenging experience. Therefore the students office will be providing special counselling services aimed at dealing with social or psychological problems faced by the students)

                  We are continuously striving for moving forward from providing “desired Services”(hope & expectation) to “adequate Services”(acceptance and sufficiency) to the students because for new  youth generation that is coming from consumeric society ,non-academic services (student welfare services ) have assumed more importance than academic services.