Plant Pathology



The Division of Plant Pathology came into being as an independent full fledged Division in 2017. Although Department of Plant Pathology, teaching under graduate courses of Plant Pathology in B.Sc (Agriculture), B.Sc (Horticulture ) and B.Sc (Forestry) degrees had started much earlier in the year 1960, since the inception of Agriculture college here at Wadura Sopore. With the establishment of Agricultural University SKUAST-K in 1982, the college was under taken by the university. In 2015, full fledged faculty of Agriculture was created with Department of Plant Pathology under Division of Plant Protection. First batch of  Ph. D (Agriculture) Plant Pathology and M.Sc (Agriculture)  Plant Pathology students were admitted in Spring 2015 and Autumn 2015, respectively. In 2017, Division of Plant Protection was bifurcated into Division of Plant Pathology and Division of Entomology, continuing Ph. D and M. Sc (Plant Pathology) degrees under the Division of Plant Pathology. Besides teaching, the Division is carrying Research and Extension activities in the discipline of Plant Pathology.


To be a centre of excellence for Integrated Disease Management


To generate disease management technologies that are safe for human health and environment.

To disseminate disease management technologies that are effective for adoption by farmers.

To reduce or maintain crop losses at an economically acceptable level

Year of Establishment

1960 as Govt. Agriculture college –Teaching of Plant Pathology for U.G students

1982 Establishment of SKUAST-K –Teaching of Plant Pathology for U.G students

2015 at FoA SKUAST-K Wadura – M.Sc (Ag.) & Ph. D (Ag.) Plant Pathology degree programmes started besides teaching Plant Pathology to B.Sc (Ag) students


Teaching: Imparting quality education of Plant Pathology courses to B.Sc (Ag.), M.Sc (Ag.) and Ph. D (Ag.) students

Research : Conducting basic and applied research leading to detection, identification and management of plant pathogens

Extension : Conducting disease diagnostic visits/plant clinical camps, farm advisory services, field days, Kissan Mela/ Kissan Goshti, T&V monthly workshops, TV & Radio talks & other extension activities