Genetics & Plant Breeding

The Division of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Faculty of Agriculture, SKUAST-Kashmir is one of the first Divisions of the University to engage teaching, research and extension activities in field crop improvement. The Division was earlier named as Division of Plant Breeding and Genetics but following ICAR guidelines, the Division was renamed as Division of Genetics and Plant Breeding in year 2015. The major mandate of the Division is teaching of Under Graduate and Post Graduate students of Agriculture. Seven courses are presently being offered to B.Sc. (Agriculture) students. In addition, in order to inculcate entrepreneurship skills an experiential learning programme in seed production and processing is also run by the Division for B.Sc. (Agriculture) students. The post graduate programs include M.Sc. (Agri.) and Ph.D (Agri.) in both Genetics and Plant Breeding and Seed Science and Technology. Many students from this Division have excelled in these subjects and have got awards and fellowships at National level.

The Division has been in the forefront in the area of initiating research activities that led to the Development of many varieties viz., Rice (Shalimar Rice-1, SR-2, SR-3, SR-4, SR-5 etc), Maize (Shalimar Maize Hybrid-1, SMC-4, C6, C15 etc), Wheat (Shalimar wheat-1, Shalimar Wheat-2), Oats (Sabzar, Shalimar Fodder Oat-1, SFO-2, SFO-3, SFO-4, SFO-5 etc), Rajmash (Shalimar Rajamsh-1, SR-2 etc), Oilseed (KS-101 etc). The Division is also on forefront in collection, maintenance and evaluation of germplasm lines in many crop plants and has developed germplasm banks in crops like Wheat, Rajmash, Chickpea, Pea, Oat, Cowpea etc where presently thousands of collections are presently maintained. The Division is well equipped with excellent laboratory facilities for carrying out genomics assisted and marker assisted plant breeding. The Division has also developed collaboration with National and International institutes in agriculture and is presently partner to network programmes in wheat and chickpea.