Directorate of Research


Council Approved Projects

Project TitleProject CodeP.I.RCMNoStatus
Land use land cover mapping of district Ganderbal using remote sensing and GISRCM/FoF/NRM/2Dr. Akhlaq Amin Wani55th RCMOngoing
Livelihood combination of Poplar and Willow farming to the rural communities of KashmirRCM/FoF/NRM/1Dr. M. A. Islam55th RCMOngoing
Use of Mushroom Waste as growth promoter in broiler chickenLPMProf. M.T. Banday-Completed
Utilization of duckweed as protein supplement in Common carp dietRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Dr. Oyas Ahmed Asimi55thConcluded
EFFECT OF FEEDING AZOLLA ON PERFORMANCE OF COMMON CARP (Cyprinus carpio)/ /Dr. Ashwani Kumar55thOn Going
Study on quality changes in fish pickle during storage-Dr. Tariq Hussain Bhat57thon going
Effect of Ginger Ziniber officinale on survival & growth of fingerlings of common carp Cyprinus carpioRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Dr. Anayitullah Chesti55thUnder trail
Effect of Turmeric Curcuma longaon on survival & growth of fingerlings of Schizothorax nigerRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Dr. Anayitullah Chesti56thUnder trail
Entrepreneurship perception and career intensions of Fisheries Graduates of SKUAST-KRCM-55/FoFy/SS/01Dr Rizwana Malik55thOngoing
An Economic Analysis of Cold-Water Fish Marketing in District Srinagar of Jammu and KashmirRCM-56/FoFy/SS/01Dr. Nasir Husain56thOngoing
Economic efficiency in fish culture under private domain in Kashmir ValleyRCM-56/FoFy/SS/02Dr. S. H. Baba56thOngoing
Impact of Public Development Expenditure on Growth of Fisheries Sector in Jammu & KashmirRCM-57/FoFy/SS/01Dr. S. H. Baba57thOngoing
Marketed Surplus & price spread of fish in Kashmir ValleyRCM-58/FoFy/SS/01Dr. S. H. Baba58thOngoing
Fisheries extension services in Kashmir ValleyRCM-58/FoFy/SS/02Dr. B.A. Zargar58thOngoing
Present status of Botia birdi Choudhary- (An ornamental fish) in aquatic habitats of Kashmir ValleyRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Dr. Irfan Ahmad--Continuing
Detection of Rotavirus in aquatic environment of KashmirRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Dr. Irfan Ahmad--Completed
Nutrient management using aquatic macrophytes (Lemna)RCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Dr. Adnan Abubakr--Completed
Nutrient management using aquatic macrophytes (Salvinia natans)RCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Dr. Adnan Abubakr--Completed
Nutrient management using aquatic macrophytes (Azolla sps)RCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Dr. Adnan Abubakr--Continuing
A demonstration unit of composite fish culture in poly-house ponds: An approach for increasing fish production in low temperature areas of Jammu and KashmirRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1DrGohar Bilal Wani--Continuing
Economic loss due to juvenile fishery by the most predominant gear (cast net) in temperate waters of KashmirRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1DrFarooz Ah. Bhat--Continuing
Knowledge and Adoption of Fish Farming Practices by Fish Farmers of Srinagar and Budgam District of Kashmir ValleyRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1DrGohar Bilal Wani--Continuing
Use of ICT in research at SKUAST-KashmirRCM-52/FoFy/SS/5Dr. Mudasir M Kirmani52nd RCMCompleted
Study on some biological aspects of Schizothorax esocinus Heckel with special reference on feeding.--Dr. Farooz A. BhatRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Concluded
Breeding and rearing of Schizothorax esocinus--Dr. A. M. NajarRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Concluded
Reproductive biology of Schizothorax plagiostomus Heckel--Dr. Farooz A. BhatRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Concluded
Studies on the reproductive biology of Salmo trutta fario (brown trout) in Kashmir--Dr. Tasaduq H. ShahRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Concluded
Economic loss due to juvenile fishery by the most predominant gear (cast net) in temperate waters of Kashmir--Dr. Farooz A. BhatRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Ongoing
Comparative meristics and morphometrics of selected species of Schizothoracids--Dr. Tasaduq H. ShahRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Ongoing
Comparative study on reproductive performance of Schizothorax esocinus Heckel in normal and induced conditions of Kashmir Himalaya--Dr. Farooz A. BhatRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Ongoing
Study of Parasito-fauna of fishes of KashmirRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Dr. Feroz A. Shah--Completed
Study of Fungal Disease of FishRCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Dr. Feroz A. Shah55thCompleted
Novel morphogenetic diversity assessment in Malus Wild Apple genotypes in Kashmir1K.M.Bhat1Ongoing
Developing seedling population for future apple & Sweet cherry cultivar selections1K.M.Bhat2Ongoing
Survey selection and evaluation of promising almond selections.1M.K.Sharma3Ongoing
Effect of foliar application of calcium, boron and zinc on yield and quality of high density Apple cv. Silver Spur1M.M. Mir4Ongoing
Combined influence of scion and rootstocks on plant growth, quality and productivity of cherry.1M.M. Mir5Ongoing
Performance studies of exotic pear cultivars under Kashmir conditions1Amit Kumar6Ongoing
Influence of ground reflectors on the colour and quality of Fuji apple1A.H. Pandit7Ongoing
Effect of time of collection and storage of graftwood on grafting success of walnuts1M.A. Mir8Ongoing
Impact of different training systems on growth and productivity of high density sweet cherry.1M.M. Mir9Ongoing
Performance study of new apple varieties under Kashmir conditions.1M.K.Sharma10Ongoing
Survey, selection, evaluation and multiplication of good quality Kashmiri Nakh selections in Kashmir valley1M.K.Sharma11Ongoing
Multiplication of new apple clonal rootstocks1A.H. Pandit12Ongoing
High density apple orcharding in Kashmir and Ladakh regions.1A.H. Pandit13Ongoing
Performance study of newly introduced nectarine varieties under Kashmir conditions1Amit Kumar14Ongoing
Performance study of introduced strawberry varieties under Kashmir conditions1Amit Kumar15Ongoing
Studies on Integrated Nutrient Management in apple cv. Silver Spur for better fruit quality.1A.S. Sundouri16Ongoing
Studies on epicotyle and bark grafting propagation techniques in walnut.1Gh. Irshad Hassan17Ongoing
Effect of rooting media and planting date on rooting of kiwifruit cv. Hayward1Nowsheen Nazir18Ongoing
Effect of grafting time, size of rootstock and environmental conditions on grafting of walnut.1M.A. Mir19Ongoing
Comparative evaluation studies of selected Ambri apple genotypes.1S.A. Simnani20Ongoing
Management of lichens in fruit orchards .1S.A. Simnani21Ongoing
Studies on Integrated Nutrient Management in nectarine crop cv. Snow Queen.1Rifat Bhat22Ongoing
Impact of training system on growth, yield and quality of grape cv. Sahebi1Aroosa Khalil23Ongoing
Survey, selection, introduction and collection of elite genotypes of fig in south Kashmir1A.S. Sundouri24Ongoing
Survey and selection of elite genotypes of peach in south Kashmir.1M.M. Mir25Ongoing
Survey and selection of elite genotypes of hazelnut in central and south Kashmir.1Ab. Raouf Malik26Ongoing
To study the biochemical and nutritional attributes of different apple cultivars using modern analytical tools.1Gh. Irshad Hassan27Ongoing
Crop regulation in Gala Must apple through the use of different thinning methods.1Aroosa Khalil28Ongoing
Evaluation studies of Ambri Selections on different clonal rootstocks.1S.A. Simnani29Ongoing
Effect of growing media and gibberellic acid on kiwi seed germination.1Nowsheen Nazir30Ongoing
Studies on grafting methods and timing in chestnut under zero energy polyhouse1Umar Iqbal31Ongoing
Performance studies of different graft combinations of Pear.1Amit Kumar32Ongoing
Drying studies of apple pomace using tray & vacuum oven dryerRCM /FoH/Div COAET/2Dr R.M.Shukla1Completed
Impact of Advanced Technology on the Productivity of Various Crops and Upliftment of FarmersAEM-01Prof. S. A Wani1998-01Completed
Resource Use Efficiency of Sericulture in Kashmir Valley.AEM-02Prof. S. A Wani2005-01Completed
Economic Viability of Poultry Farms (Broiler) in Kashmir valleyAEM-03Prof. S. A Wani2007-01Completed
Economics of Apple Orchard Establishment and ManagementAEM-04Prof. M. H Wani2007-02Completed
Economic Evaluation of Spray ScheduleAEM-05Prof. M. H Wani2007-03Completed
Economics of Walnut Growers in KashmirAEM-06Prof. M. H Wani2007-04Completed
Economic Evaluation of various Vegetable Farms in KashmirAEM-07Prof. M. H Wani2008-01Completed
Food and Nutritional Security in Jammu and KashmirAEM-08Prof. M. H Wani2011-01Completed
Socio-Economic Analysis of Fisheries Sector in KashmirAEM-09Dr. S. H Baba2011-02Completed
Resource productivity and Allocation in Dairy Farming with Cross Bred Cows in Temperate Region of Jammu and Kashmir.AEM-10Prof. S. A Wani2011-03Completed
Economic Evaluation of Spray Schedule ValuationAEM-11Prof. S. A Wani2012-01Long Term (On-going)
Livelihood Platforms of Gurez ValleyAEM-12Prof. S. A Wani2013-01Completed
Research and Extension Prioritization in Changthang and Zanskar Regions of LadakhAEM-13Dr. F. A Shaheen2014-01Completed
Water Resource Management in Cold Arid LadakhAEM-14Dr. F. A Shaheen2014-02Completed
Viability of Rice Farming in KashmirAEM-15Dr. F. A Shaheen2015-01Completed
High Density Apple Production System: Implications Towards Livelihood SecurityAEM-16Dr. F. A Shaheen2015-02Long Term (On-going)
HighLand Use Change and its ImplicationsSAE & AEM-01Dr. S. H Baba2017-01Transferred to FoFy
Economic Efficiency and Potential for Mechanization in Temperate Fruit Crops of J&K StateSAE&HBM -02Dr. F.A Shaheen2017-02Completed
Precision Farming and Potential in LadakhSAE & HBM - 03Dr. S. H. Baba2017 - 03Transferred to FoFy
Pollination Service Market and Entrepreneurship DevelopmentSAE & HBM - 04Dr. F. A Shaheen2017 - 04Completed
An Economic Analysis of Production and Post Harvest Management of Walnut in Kashmir01Dr. Abdul Rauf/Dr. S. A. Saraf01Ongoing
Economics of Milk Production as a Dairy-supported Livelihood Activity in Baramulla District of J&K03Dr. S. A. Saraf03Ongoing
Vegetable Cultivation as a Source of Livelihood Security in Baramulla District of Kashmir04Dr. S. A. Saraf04Ongoing
Impact of Robust Estimators for the Estimation of Finite Population Variance by Incorporating the Conventional and Non-conventional Positional Measures as Auxiliary Information.05Dr. M. A. Bhat05Completed
Forecasting the Production of Select Fruit Crops (Cherry, Walnut and Plum) of Kashmir valley06Dr. Fehim Jeelani Wani06Ongoing
Propagation of Apple using dwarfing/semi-dwarfing interstem01Dr. Farooq Apeer1completed
Micronutrient application in garlic2Dr. Mushtaq A Chatoo2completed
Sulphur fertilization in potato3Dr. Faisal Nabi3completed
Integrated nutrient management in garlic-beans-spinach cropping sequence4Dr. Mushtaq A Chatoo4completed
Effect of bio-fertilizers on growth and seed yield of antirrhinum5Dr. Arif. H.Wani5completed
Yield and quality of pea (Pisum sativum L.) as affected by different levels of zinc and farmyard manure6Dr. Rakshanda6completed
Shelf life studies of Red Velox apple7Dr. Nazir A Ganae7completed
Survey, selection and evaluation of indigenous turf/lawn grasses of Kashmir8Dr. Arif. H.Wani8continuing
Evaluation of different varieties/ selections of Garlic under agro climatic conditions of Kashmir7Dr. Rakshanda7continuing
Effect of brassinosteroids on growth and productivity of strawberry9Dr. Angrej Ali9continuing
Studies on production of flowering size bulbs of tulip10Dr. Arif. H.Wani10continuing
Effect of exogenous application of brassinosteroids on growth, yield and quality of apple11Dr. Angrej Ali11continuing
Development and Storage stability of Spice Tikki (Ver) using different packaging materials12Dr. Shahnaz12continuing
Development of spice and vegetable based ready to serve beverage13Dr. Shahnaz13continuing
Studies on effect of different pulsing solutions and duration on the vase life of chrysanthemum14Dr. Arif. H.Wani14continuing
Effect of growth retardants on Growth, Flowering and bulb yield of Asiatic Lilium15Dr. Kaise. M. Malik15continuing
Studies on vegetative propagation of Magnolia soulangeana by air layering16Dr. Arif. H.Wani16continuing
Development of Nutritious ready to eat food using extrusion technology17Dr. Shahnaz17continuing
Studies on effect of organic manure and bio inoculants on growth flowering and seed yield of verbena hybrida18Dr. Kaiser. M. Malik18continuing
Genetics, Physiology and Molecular Breeding for Development of Extra Early Maturity STAYGREEN ChickpeaFoA/GPB.53.1Reyazul Rouf Mir57th RCM Kharief 2019On going
Development of new maize inbred linesFoA/GPB.55.1M. Altaf Wani57th RCM Kharief 2019On going
Differential gene expression for seed Zn and Fe concentrations in common beanFoA/GPB.57.2Reyazul Rouf Mir57th RCM Kharief 2019On going
Identification of drought tolerant cow pea genotypes based on root and related traitsFoA/GPB.57.5F. A. Sheikh57th RCM Kharief 2019On going
Low cost automatic control of temperature/humidity for poly houseAE-37.2.3Dr. Altaf Ahmad Balkhi37Completed
Adaptation of multi-crop solardryerAE-45.3.3Dr. G M Mir & Dr. Altaf Ahmad Balkhi46Completed
Design and fabrication of efficient low wattage electronic dryer using Infrared/induction heatingRCM 37Dr. Altaf Ahmad Balkhi37Completed
Development of low cost electronic saffron dryerRCM 35Dr. G M Mir & Dr. Altaf Ahmad Balkhi35Completed
Reshaping of existing boxes for large fruit packaging volumeAE- 40.2.4Dr. Altaf Ahmad Balkhi & Dr. G M Mir37Completed
Design & fabrication of 3 prototypes of low cost solar Churpi dryers forHighland Agricultural Research & Extension station, ZanskarRCMDr. G M Mir & Dr. Altaf Ahmad BalkhiRCMCompleted
Design and Fabrication of Fruit Picker/HarvesterAE-40.2.1Dr. G M Mir40Completed
Usage of Information and Communication Technology tools in SKUAST-K post COVID-19 pandemicFSS:59:2:3Dr. Mudasir M Kirmani59th RCMOngoing
ABC101ABC101On Going
ABC101ABC101On Going
Comparative efficiency of different sources of vegetable oils on the performance of broiler chickenLPMDr. Sheikh Adil-Ongoing
Effect of stocking density on the performance of Vanaraja birdsLPMProf. I.U. Sheikh-Ongoing
Fermentation of Poultry Slaughter Waste and its utilization in Poultry FeedLPMDr. I.A. Baba-Ongoing
Study of Economics of 3 cow dairying unit of Division of LPMLPMDr. R.A. Pattoo60Ongoing
Study of birth-weight, mortality and calving patterns in purebred & crossbred calves across different seasons in the agroclimatic conditions of KashmirLPMDr. H. Hamadani60Ongoing
Preservation of chicken eggs in J&K State during different seasonsLPT2Prof. Altaf Hussain MalikRCM2Completed
Physico-chemical analysis of Tosh FiberLPT 1Prof. Sarfaraz A WaniRCM 1Completed
Incorporation of water chestnut as binder in comminuted meat productsLPT 3Prof. Mir salahuddinRCM 3Completed
Development of indigenous milk products utilizing Goat and Ewe milkLPT 4Prof. Mohammad Ashraf PalRCM 4Completed
Quality evaluation of milk and milk products in KashmirLPT 5Prof. Mohammad Ashraf PalRCM 5Completed
Standardization and quality evaluation of HarrisaLPT 6Prof. Altaf Hussain MalikRCM 6Completed
Evaluation of carcass and meat characteristics of broiler/culled rabbit for popularization of non-conventional sources of meatLPT 7Prof. Altaf Hussain MalikRCM 7Completed
Shelf Life of mutton preserved by pickling and storage at room temperature under temperate climatic conditionsLPT 8Prof. Altaf Hussain MalikRCM 8Completed
Processing performance of different grades/types of wool available in Kashmir valleyLPT 8Prof. Sarfaraz A WaniRCM 8Completed
Optimization of processing parameters for development of milk based novel food productsLPT 9Prof. Mohammad Ashraf PalRCM 9Completed
Utilization of some edible plant ingredients for the development of functional livestock food productsLPT 10Dr. Sheikh rafeh AhmadRCM 10Ongoing
Studies on feasibility of the production of worsted grade wool through alteration in shearing frequencyLPT 12Dr. Asif H SofiRCM 12Ongoing
Standardisation of Technique for Pashmina identification by PCR Based methodLPT 13Dr. Asif H sofiRCM 13Ongoing
Genotyping for Fec B gene in sheep at MRCSG Shuhama SKUAST- Kashmir01Dr Mir Shabir, Dr Tavsief,RCM 61ongoimg
Cytogenetic screening of small Ruminants at MRCSG Shuhama SKUAST- Kashmir02Dr Tavsief, Dr N. A. Ganai, Dr Mir ShabirRCM 61ongoimg
Socio-economic status and production performance of sheep farmers flock in district Budgam03Prof. Safeer Alam, Dr. Syed Shanaz, Dr. Tavsief SheikhRCM 61ongoimg
Exploring the demographic and morphometric variations of Kashmir Merino in three districts of Kashmir04Dr. Syed Shanaz, Dr. Safeer Alam. Dr. Showket MaqboolRCM 61ongoimg
Genetic diversity of growth traits in sheep breeds available at MRCGS, Shuhama using multivariate analysis for improved breeding programme.05Dr. Showket Maqbool, Dr. Safeer Alam, Dr. Muzamil. Dr. Tavsief Sheikh, Dr. Abdul Qayoom.RCM 61ongoimg
Relative activism towards online teaching among different faculties of SKUAST-K and its effectiveness on learning endeavor from teachers and learner’s perspectives.06Dr. T. A. Raja, Dr. Safeer Alam, Dr. Azmat Alam, Dr Showket MaqboolRCM 61ongoimg
Exploration of unexplored goat population of district Budgam-locally known as “Koshur Goat”07Dr. Ruksana Shah, Dr. Safeer Alam, Dr. Syed Shanaz, Dr. Mubashir RatherRCM 61ongoimg
Evaluation of water quality used by livestock farmers of District GanderbalLPMProf. M.T. Banday-Completed
Structural Characterization and Molecular Docking of Growth hormone receptor (GHR) of Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)03Dr Mohd Ashraf03On going
Comparative Analysis of the Complete Mitochondrial Genomes of fishes04Dr. Irfan Ahmad04On going
Commonly prevalent bacterial fish diseases in Dal lake- a revival studyAAHM-60:1:2Dr. Syed Shariq Nazir Qadiri60Ongoing
Study on Disease spectrum of Fishes in Wular lakeAAHM:59:1:2Dr. Shabir Ahmad Dar59Ongoing
Pilot study on Antibacterial activity of certain local medicinal plants from Kashmir Himalayas for treating disease in cold water fishAAHM:59:2:2Dr. Asifa Wali59Ongoing