College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology


Council Approved Projects

Project TitleProject CodeRCMNoStatusMore Info
Low cost automatic control of temperature/humidity for poly houseAE-37.2.337CompletedSelect
Adaptation of multi-crop solardryerAE-45.3.346CompletedSelect
Design and fabrication of efficient low wattage electronic dryer using Infrared/induction heatingRCM 3737CompletedSelect
Development of low cost electronic saffron dryerRCM 3535CompletedSelect
Reshaping of existing boxes for large fruit packaging volumeAE- 40.2.437CompletedSelect
Design & fabrication of 3 prototypes of low cost solar Churpi dryers forHighland Agricultural Research & Extension station, ZanskarRCMRCMCompletedSelect
Design and Fabrication of Fruit Picker/HarvesterAE-40.2.140CompletedSelect