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Notification No.: 149 (Acad.) of 2016
Notification Date: Thu-24-Nov-2016

The Post-graduate Student of the Faculty of veterinary Sciences & A.H  whose particulars are given below, after having successfully completed all the requirements for award of  Doctorate degree of this University, is declared qualified to receive the said degree:

1. Name : Amatul Muhee
2. Parentage
          Father : Ghulam Mohammad Zaz
          Mother : Parveen Mir
3. Registratio No. : 2013-494-D
4. Major Subject/ Decipline : Verterinary Clinical Medicine, Ethics & Juriprudence
5. Name of the Major Advisor : Dr.H.U.Malik
6. Title of the Thesis : "Oxidative Stress in Relation to Clinical Management of Bovine Mastitis"
7. OPGA obtained at 10 scale : 8.75
8. Date of Viva-Voce : Sun 13/Nov/2016

By Order

No: Au/Acad/PG/PF/2016/4434-44
Dated: 2016-11-24

Asstt. Registrar (Acad).                       

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