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Research Activities of Veterinary Public Health

Thrust Area

  • Quality testing of foods of animal origin.
  • Investigation of Zoonotic diseases.
  • Development of animal vaccines with local isolates.
  • Isolation and identification of micro-organisms from foods of animal origin andtheir antibiotic sensitivity pattern.

Research Projects Completed

S.No.TitleName of the PI/CoPIDate of StartDate of Completion
1.Weather Based Animal Disease Forecasts

Dr. M. M. Willayat

Dr. G. N. Sheikh

April 1, 2000Dec. 31,
2.Isolation and identification of food borne micro-organisms from milk and milk products in Srinagar

Dr. S.A. Hussain

Dr. M. M. Willayat

July 2002June 2006

Ongoing Research Projects

S.No.TitleName of the PI/CoPIDate of StartTargeted Date of Completion
1.Study on Food-Borne Microorganisms of Table Eggs in Srinagar

Dr. Z.H. Munshi

Dr. M.M Willayat

2.Investigation into the cause of abortions in SheepDr. M.M. Willayat 20052008
3.Bacteriological Analysis of Ground & Stream water with regard to different seasons in and around Srinagar

Dr. Z.H. Munshi

Dr. S.A. Hussain

4.Prevalence and Molecular Characterization of Cryptosporidium spp in surface waters

Dr. Seuli Saha Roy

Dr. M.M. Willayat

5.Prevalence and antibiogram of Listeria spp. in foods of animal origin in and around Srinagar city

Dr. Samir Das

Dr.M.M. Willayat


Transferable Technolgies Developed

  • Transferred technology for the mass production of sheep pox vaccine to the Department of Sheep Husbandry, Kashmir. The Development Department is producing the vaccine for distribution to farmers through funding by NABARD.
  • Transferred technology for the mass production of Formalized Listeria vaccine to the Department of Sheep Husbandry, Kashmir. The Development Department is initiating mass production of the vaccine.

Research Publications

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