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Research Activities of Animal Nutrition

  i. Thrust Area  

  1. Utilization of tree leaves as animal feed
  2. Utilization of apple pomace as animal feed
  3. Formulation of balance ration using locally available feed ingredient (for live stock and poultry)

  ii.  Research Projects Completed

S.No.  Title Name of the PI/CoPIDate of Start  Date of Completion
 1.Evaluation of Nutritive value of fodder tree leaves of Kashmir Valley Dr. Haider Ali 3/2005 9/2006
 2. Studies on Economics of Mutton Production under Intensive System Dr. F.A. Mattoo - 12/2006

  iii.  Ongoing Research Projects

S.No. Title Name of the PI/CoPI  Date of Start Target Date of Completion
 1.Improvement of poor quality of roughages by chemical and biological method Dr. A.M.Ganai - -
 2.Performance of growing lambs on grain less rations with or without leaf meal Dr. Haider Ali 3/2007 12/2007

  iv.  Transferable Technologies Developed

Preparation of complete feed block using tree leaves and apple pomace

   v.  Research Publications

  1. Ganai,A.M., Purohit, G.R., Mathur, O.P.and Sharma,T. 1999. Effect of replacement of cotton seed cake and  wheat bran by untreated formaldehyde treateddeoiled Mustard cake and bakery waste on wool yield and its quality inNali Lambs2. Journal of Eco-Physiology,2(2) 85-89
  2. Ganai,A.M., Ganai, Purohit,G.R. and Mathur,B.K.2000.Economics of protein protection and feed  replacement in sheep.Annals of Arid Zone,39 (1): 97-99
  3. Ganai,A.M., Purohit,G.R. and Mathur,B.K.2000. Effect of replacement of cotton seed cake and wheat bran byformaldehyde treated mustard cakeand bakery waste on bloodconstituents in sheep  Annals of Arid Zone,39(4): 443-47
  4. Ganai,A.M., Purohit,G.R.,Mathur,B.K. and Sharma,T.2000.Growth performance of lambs fed unprotected, protected protein andbakery waste based concentratemixture. Journal of Eco-Physiology,3(12): 53-57
  5. Ganai,A.M., Matoo, F.A.,Singh,P.K.and Parry,B.A.2004.A survey on feeds and feeding practices in Kashmir valley.Journal of Eco-Physiology,4(12):47-53
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  7. Singh,P.K.,Bhat,A.S., Ganai,A.M.,Sarkar,T.K. and Khan,H.M.2005.Effect of substitution of groundnut cake with mustard cake on growth performance and nutrient utilizationof Corridale lambs.Animal Nutrition and feed Technology,5(2):163-170
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  10. Ganai,A.M., Matoo,F.A.and Ahmed, H.A.2007. An appraisal of knowledge level and constraints faced by livestock  owners in Kashmir Valley.  Indian Vet.J.(Submitted)
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