"1. A Leading University in Mountain Agriculture"       2. Prof Nazeer Ahmed, Director CITH, Srinagar, Kashmir Take over as Vice-Chancellor SKUAST-Kashmir on October 23, 2015.       
Tender Notices of SKUAST-Kashmir

Tender Notice  No. & Date 

Last Date Title of work 
No: AU/FOFY/AAHEML/156 dated: 01/02/2016 15 Feb, 2016 Quotations are invited for the supply of Bacteriological Incubator (Thermo Scientific Heratherm)
No: AU/FVS/NASF/Tender/807 dated: 20/01/2016 04 Feb, 2016 Tender for the supply of 3 KVA UPS Online with inbuilt Galvanic Isolation Transformer at Div. of Biotechnology, FVSC & A.H, Shuhama 

No.AU/ARIS/15-16/40/373 Dt. 22-01-2016 

No:Au/TSRI/cpc/T-1/2015-16 Dt: 20/01/2016 

05 Feb 2016

01 Feb, 2016

Tender for Biometric Attendance System

Tender invited for supply of item's for TSRI Mirgund

No:Au/TSRI/cpc/T-1/2012-18 Dt: 20/01/2016 

01 Feb, 2016 

Tender invited for supply of equipment's for TSRI Mirgund

No:AU/AS/CPC-EM/2015-16/1371-72 dt: 22/01/2016 

 No:AU/AS/CPC-EM/2015-16/1365-67 dt 18/01/2016

02 Feb, 2016 

01 Feb, 2016

Tender opening on 12 Feb 2016 at 11.00 A.M in respect of Equipments / Machinery

Corrigendum to No:AU/AS/CPC-EM/2015-16/1365-67 dt 18/01/2016

Tender Notice for the supply of various laboratory equipments/Machinery

List of Laboratory Equipments/Machinery

No: Au/AS/CPC-EM/2015-16/1364 Dt: 18/01/201601 Feb, 2016

Laboratory Equipments/Machinery for Agri-Stat SKUAST Kashmir Shalimar


Extended up to 10 February 2016 

No: DST/EPT/2015/56 dated: 18/01/2016 26 Jan, 2016 Dasti quotation for the supply of items under DST fast track project 

No: AU/TSRI/CPC/T-1/1940-41 & 1942-43

No: AU/TSRI/CPC/T-1/2007-08 dated: 18/01/2016  

18 Jan, 2016

29 Jan, 2016 

Two quotations for the supply of Farm/Rearing items and Stationary/Miscellaneous items to TSRI, Mirgund 

Extension of date for receipt of quotation

No: AU/FoH/2016/gasfile/3519-21 dated:06/01/2016 11 Jan, 2016 Dasti Quotation for the supply of High standard gas heaters w/o gas cylinders and classroom whiteboard to the faculty of horticulture 
No;Au/TSRI/cpc/T-1/1918-19dt: 01/01/2016 11 Jan, 2016Short term Tender Notice TSRI Mirgund
No;Au/TSRI/cpc/T-1/1916-17 dt: 01/01/2016 11 Jan, 2016Short term Tender Notice TSRI Mirgund

No: AU/FVS/ARIS/8643 dated: 23/12/2015

No: AU/FVS/ARIS/10040 dated: 08/02/2016 

20 Jan, 2016

19 Feb, 2016 

Tender notice for the providing, installation, commissioning and testing of Internet leased line on RF regarding

Extension in the date of receipt of tenders 

 10 Jan, 2016 

Tender notice for outsourcing of the de novo whole genome sequencing and RNA sequencing with Analysis of the Pashmina Goat

Details of the tender notice

No:Au/AE/P-4/15/1808-14 Dated:18/12/2015  20 Jan, 2016 NIT for the supply of Laboratory Equipments and Machinery in the division of Agril. Engineering 
No: Au/Acctts/15/6128-32 Dt: 09/12/2015 29 Dec, 2015NIT are invited for supply of Stationery and miscellaneous items for Comptroller Office Shalimar
No: Au/MLRI/2015/feed Mill/1479 Dt: 07/12/2015 22 Dec, 2015 Quotations are invited for supply of Feed Ingredient for MLRI Mansbal
No:AU/ARIS/2015/F-03/178-79 Dt: 26/11/2015  17 Dec, 2015 Tender document for Extension of Campus Area Network at Shalimar campus-regarding 
No:AU/ARIS/2015/F-03/176-77 Dt: 24/11/2015  15 Dec, 2015 Tender document for setting up of Wi-Fi in University Guest houses-regarding 

No.FOA/Acctts/2015/5146-48 Dt:16/11/2015 

20 Nov, 2015Dasti Quotations are invited for purchase of Gas Heaters with cylinder for Faculty of Waura

No: VMI/NAE-2/88          Dated:26/10/2015

No: VMI/NAE-2/102-104  Dated 19/11/2015

No: VMI/NAE-2/113-16   Dated 30/11/2015 

23 Nov, 2015

30 Nov, 2015

04 Dec, 2015

Tender is invited for supply of equipments for the ICAR sponsored project

Extension of date

Extension of last date

No: FOA/Acctts/2015/4560-65 dated: 20 Oct, 201502 Nov, 2015Dasti Quotation are invited for purchase of Electrical item for Faculty of Agriculture Wadura
No: FOA/Acctts/2015/4452-54 dated: 13 Oct, 2015 20 Oct, 2015 Dasti quotation are invited for supply of Lawn Mower Honda Make FOA Wadura
No: AU/DARS/2015/727  dated: 01/10/2015 23 Oct, 2015 Tender for the supply of Staionery and other items to Dryland Agriculture Research Station Budgam
No: AU/FOFY/Acctts/2015-16/162 Dtd: 10/09/2015  14 Sep, 2015 Short Term Tender Notice for Cleaning and Maintaining of Fisheries Farm, Lawns,Paths, main block etc. 
No:AU/TSPG/AMD-A/105-08 Dated:01/09/2015  09 Sep, 2015Quotations are invited from authorised dealers for the supply of various items for MAR&ES, Izmarg gurez
No: AU/SJR/2015/301       Dt: 27/08/2015 15 Sep,2015 Short Term Tender for Printing of SKUAST Journal of Research- Extension of date regarding 
No: AU/AE/P-4/15/692-98 Dt: 12/08/201527 Sep, 2015Tenders are invited for supply of G.I. Square pipes, U.V Stabilized Multi layer polythene film and allied items
No.:AU/DES/CPC/C&G/2015/292-293 Dt: 11/08/2015 07 Sep, 2015 

NIT for the supply of Chemicals/Glassware/Biological/Lab ware/Plastic ware 

No.: AU/FVSC/CWDBP/Pashmina/15/125 Dt: 30/07/201525 Aug, 2015 

NIT for the supply of Urine analyzer, Centrifuge, Mobile Freezer, Digital Chemical Balance under CWDBP Project, FVSC, Shuhama 

No.:AU/SJR/2015/286  Dated: 31/07/2015 18 Aug, 2015 Short Term Tender for printing of SKUAST Journal of Research 
No: Au/FoA/Acctts/2015/2681-85 dt: 30/07/2015 25 Aug, 2015Tender for supply for various stationary items FOA Wadura SKUAST Kashmir
No:AU/MLRI/2015/Feed Mill-III/517-18  Dt: 23/7/2015 04 Aug, 2015 Quotation invited for the supply of Feed Ingredients at MLRI, Manasbal, SKUAST-K  
No:AU/AE/P-4/15/328-34  Dated: 25-06-2015 20 July, 2015 NIT for the supply of various items in the Division of Agri. Engineering, Shalimar campus 
No: Au/Acctts/1084-88     Dated: 08-06-2015 22 June, 2015 Fresh tender Notice for the supply of Cartridges/Tonners 
No. Au/Estates/NIT(01)/15/275-300 Dt: 29-05-201518 June, 2015

NIT NO. (01) of 2015  dated: 29.05.2015

No: Au/FoFy/Acctts/205-16/35 Dt:11-05-2015 14 May, 2015Specification for purchase of Furnishing and Curatins
No.:Au/Acctts/659-65 Dt: 12-05-2015 30 May, 2015 NIT for the supply of Cartridges/Tonners 
No: FoA/Acctt/2015/372-76 Dt: 29-04-2015 15 May, 2015Tender Notice of Faculty of Agriculture, Wadura, Sopore
No.AU/SWO/Tender canteen/2015/93 Dt:01.05.2015 12 May, 2015Tenders are invited for 24 hour Canteen and guest house services
No,: AU/SWO/Tender/15/67 Dated: 24-04-2015 28 April, 2015 Corrigendum to Short Term Tender Notice 
No.: AU/SWO/Tender/15/39 Dated: 13-04-2015 23 April, 2015 Short Term Tender Notice for the supply of various Medicines, Lab. Equipments and Surgical/dressing items 
No:Au/MLRI/2014/Feed Mill/1652 Dt: 27-03-2015  15 April, 2015 Quotation for the supply of feed ingredients
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