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Tender Notices of SKUAST-Kashmir

Tender Notice  No. & Date 

Last Date Title of work 
No.:FoA/Acctts/2014/3149-55 Dt. 16-10-2014 25 Oct. 2014 Short Term Tender Notice for the supply of Stationary and Computer related items at FOA, Wadura
No:Au/MLRI/2014/Feed Mill/888-89 Dt: 30.09.201416 Oct, 2014Quotations are invited for supply of feed ingredients to MLRI Manasbal SKUAST Kashmir 
No: Au/FOF/F-88/2015/1343-1347 Dt: 26.08.2014 

05 Sept, 2014


Tenders are invited fro supply of stationery items, for Faculty of Forestry, Wadura

Extension of date 

No: AU/TSPG/NZD-A/50 Dated: 02/09/2014 09 Sept., 2014Quotations are invited for the supply of various items  for (MAR&ES), Gurez                                  
No: AU/SWO/tender/2014/713 Dt:22/08/201429 Aug, 2014Quotation are invited for supply of  Study Table ,Book Rack for Study Table and Dining Table
No: Au/Estates/NIT(06)/14/947-54 Dt:19-08-2014  01 Sept, 2014

Extension Notice to NIT No.(06) of 2014

NIT No. (06) of 2014

No: Au/MLRI/2014/Auction/622 Dt: 19/08/2014 26 Aug, 2014Auction Notice for Livestock at Mountain Livestock Research Institute Mansbal
No: Au/MLRI/2014/ELU/559 Dt: 31-07-2014  25 Aug, 2014 N.I.T for Purchasing and commissioning of Milk Processing Plant for MLRI Manasbal
No: Au/MLRI/2014/FeedMill/267-68 Dt: 02-06-2014 17 June, 2014

Quotation inviting for supply of Feed Ingredients to Feed Mill of MLRI Manasbal 

No: AU/AE/P-4/14/353-59 Dt: 23-05-201416 June, 2014Tenders for supply of various Machinery and other items for Div. of Agri. Engg. SKUAST Kashmir 
No: Au/Estates/NIT(01)/14/350-56 Dt:22-05-2014 06 June, 2014

Short Term NIT No.(01) of 2014

No:AU/MLRI/2014/Feed Mill/38 Dt: 09-04-2014 17 April, 2014Auction Notice of Mountain Livestock Research Institute Manasbal, Safapora
NO:AU/SWO/tender/14/38 Dt:04-04-2014 16 April, 2014

Tender are invited for supply of various medicines and dressing items

No.AU/VS/CPC-EM-14/214-270,dated:13-03-2014  Corrigendum
No: AU/CCCMA/2013-14/RKVY-3/73 Dt: 20-03-2014  Dasti-Quotations are invited for Resource Mapping Using Remote Sensing and GIS Approach
No: Au/MLRI/2013/FeedMill/5067-69 Dt: 14-03-201407 April, 2014Quotation for supply of Feed ingredients to the Feed Mill of MLRI Mansbal
No: Au/Estates/NIT(16)/13/502-14 Dt:10-03-201428/03/2014

Repairs / renovation to toilets of Chinar Ghar at main Campus Shalimar

No: Au/Estates/E-NIT(30)/502-14 Dt:11-03-201424/03/2014Internal electrification to information Technology Building at main campus Shalimar
No; AU/AE/tender/14/1412-20 DT: 18/02/2014 27/02/2014
No: Au/Estates/NIT(15)/13/2872-80 DT: 29/01/2014 17/02/2014

Internal Electrification of Information Technology Building at Main Campus Shalimar

No: Au/Estates/NIT(14)/13/2811-19 Dt:15/01/201429 Jan, 2013

NIT No. (14) of 2013


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