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Tender Notices of SKUAST-Kashmir
Tender Notice No. & Date  Last Date  Title of work
No: AU/ARIS/F-26/2016-17/171-80 Date: 06/10/2016  27/10/2016Providing and Installation of 50 Mbps Internet Connectivity Leased Line (OFC) (1:1) Uncompressed and unshared at SKUAST-K, Shalimar campus, Srinagar 
No: AU/ARIS/F-03/2016-17/161-70 Date: 06/10/2016  31/10/2016Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Wired and Wireless Network at faculty of Veterinary Sciences (FVSC & AH), Shuhama

No. AU/PHT/Tender-FMOPI/744-47 Dt. 29/9/16 

AU/Estates/16/T/877-81 Dt. 29/06/16 



Supply of Laboratory Model Tall Type Spray Drier

Short Term Tender Notice for Furniture and other items to the Division of Biotechnology, Shalimar 

 30/06/2016Quotation for the supply of Staionery items, printer cartridges, bags, banners etc to the division of Agronomy  
AU/MLRI/2016/Feed Mill/889 dated 24/06/2016 04/07/2016Quotations are invited for the supply of Feed Ingredients to MLRI, Manasbal 
Au/SWO/tender/16/548-50d:22/06/2016 05/07/2016 Tender invited for the supply of Study table, Book Racks, Hostel Beds and Study Chair
FOA/Acctts/2016/1935-40 Dt: 20-06-2016 27/06/2016Due to low response tender is hereby extended up to 27-06-2016
AU/Est/16/T-05/C/745-50 dated 17/06/2016 04/07/2016 

Tender notice for the construction of Badminton and Volley Ball courts at Shalimar campus

Tender Form, Terms & Conditions and BoQ

AU/Est/16/T-04/E/737-44 dated 17/06/2016 03/07/2016 

Tender notice for various Electrical works at Shalimar and Shuhama campuses   

Tender Form, Terms & Conditions and BOQ's

Terms and Conditions sheet  

Au/Estates/16/  Dt: 17.06.2016

Au/RCRQA/2016/846  Dated: 07/06/2016 



Tender for supply & installation of Work Station & Modular Partition

Tender for CC Camera and Entry Regulating System in RCRQA, Div of Entomology, Shalimar 

Au/FoA/Acctts/2016/1626-34 Dt. 6/6/1613/06/2016Extension to  NIT No. Au/FoA/ Acctts/2016/607-13 Dt. 28/4/16
Au/FoA/Acctts/2016/1680-88 Dt. 6/6/16 15/06/2016Tender for Electrical Items
Au/FoA/Acctts/2016/1671-79 Dt. 6/6/1613/06/2016 Tender for Farm Implements and Other Items
Au/FVS/LPM/PSP/29 Dt. 6-6-1620/06/2016Quotation for Poultry Equipments
Au/PHT/AICRP/16/429 Dated: 07/06/2016 13/06/2016 Tender notice for hand operated walnut cracker (200 No's)
SKUAST/CL/2016/BJ/102-03 Dated: 30th May, 2016 25/06/2016Tender Notice for binding of Journals and Books for Central Library SKUAST Kashmir
AU/AE/P-4/16/331-38 Dated: 25/05/2016 08/06/2016 NIT for providing and laying of cement concrete block for polyhouses-regarding 
AU/RCRQA/2016/820 Dated: 17/05/2016 30/05/2016 Tender Document for consultancy regarding accreditation of State Pesticide Formulation Analysis Laboratory and Pesticides Residue Analysis Laboratory at Shalimar Srinagar 
Au/Est/15/T-02/C/420-25 Dt: 17/05/2016  31/05/2016

Construction of various Units/Labs/Stores in Ladakh stations of SKUAST-K

BoQ for the construction of demonstration unit (Goatry) at KVK, Nyoma

BoQ for the construction of Hey store/Seed Store at KVK, Nyoma

BoQ for the construction of Biotechnology Lab. at KVK Kargil (Part-A Skeleton) 

BoQ for the construction of Biotechnology Lab. at KVK, Kargil (Part B Roofing and Finishing)

Tender form and Terms & Conditions

Au/MLRI/2016/FeedMill/336-37 Dt: 04/05/2016 19/04/2016Quotations for feed ingredients for Manasbal Skuast Kashmir
Au/SWO/Tender/16/166-68 Dt: 03/05/2016  Tender Notice for supply of medicines and other related items for Students Welfare Office SKUAST-K
Au/FoA/Acctts/2016/607-13 Dt;28-04-2016 16 /04/2016

 Extension to  NIT No. Au/FoA/ Acctts/2016/607-13 Dt. 28/4/16

Tender Notice for supply of Computer  related items for faculty of Agriculture, Wadura Sopore SKUAST-K

 29/04/2016 Advertisement Notice for the temporary position of RA in the division of FMAP under DBT sponsored project 
                                         Dated 25/04/201615 days Quotations are invited for developing, managing of website for Star College Program of FVSC. & AH 
No: Au/RRS/2016/07 Dt: 06/04/2016 25/04/2016Tender for supply of Laboratory Equipments /Machinery to Faculty of Agriculture, Wadura Sopore
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