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Tender Notices of SKUAST-Kashmir
Tender Notice No. & Date  Last Date  Title of work
Au/ENT/Acctts/2017/1406 Dt: 22/02/2017 28/02/2017Tender for supply of Laboratory Equipment for Div. of Entomology Shalimar
Au/Estates/NIT-20(E)/2497-2502Dt:17.02.2017 27 /02/2017Tenders are invited for Street lighting from main gate to Administrative Block at SRS Konibal Pampore
No. AU/FoA/2017/Camp-Sh/3 Dt: 16.02.2017 28/02/2017

Tender for supply of various laboratory equipment's/ machinery FOA Wadura

List of Equipment's required at Faculty of Agriculture, Wadura

Au/SWO/Tender/17/192 Dt: 18/02/2017 07/03/2017Tender are invited  for supply of Kitchen Ware and other items
AU/FoA/2017/Camp-Sh/3 Dt. 16/02/1728/2/17

NIT for Laboratory Equipments/Machinery

List of Equipments of Equipments

Au/TSRI/DPC/s-1/1966-67 Dt: 16/02/2017 25/02/2017Quotation for supply of various IT and allied  items for TSRI Mirgund
Au/Acctts/FC-2ESM/2016-17/9688-89 Dt: 16/02/201728/02/2017 Tender for supply of two rupee revenue stamps
No:Au/FVS/CMWS/DST-2016/20-22 Dt: 01/12/2016  Extended up to 25 Feb, 2017  for purchase of various  equipment's under DST Research Project on waterfowl and hangul
Au/PPMO/17/P-37/450-55 Dt:15/02/2017 07 daysDasti Quotation for the supply of equipment's for PPMO Office SKUAST Kashmir
Au/TSRI/DPC/T-1/1941-42 Dt: 11/02/2017 18/02/2017Corrigendum/Extension of date for receipt of tenders (Mirgund SKUAST Kashmir)
SKUAST-K/CL/DPC/641 Dt: 13/03/2017 28/02/2017Tender for supply of Air Conditioners and Software for central Library SKUAST Kashmir
Au/MLRI/2017/FeedMill/2016 Dt:10/02/2017 18/02/2017Quotation for supply of feed ingredients to Manasbal, Safapora SKUAST Kashmir
AU/AE/E-6/2017/2026-32 Dated:10/02/2017 28/02/2017  Supply of Laboratory Equipments to the Division of Agricultural Engineering, Shalimar
HMAARI/Acctts/Tender/2017/228 Dt: 08/02/2017 20/02/2017 Tender for supply of various items for High Mountain Arid Agriculture Research Institute Leh under TSP and PFDC project
Au/Estates/NIT(19)/2230-35 Dated:01.02.2017  15/02/2017NIT for various works at Shalimar campus and KVK Pombai 
Au/PHT/AICRP/Tender/17/1904 Dt: 07/02/2017 20/02/2017Tender for supply  of Fully Automatic PLC Operated Wheat Flour Mill and Head Space Gas Analyzer for Div. of PHT
Au/DST/Pdm/2016-17/4 Dated: 06/02/2017 15/02/2017 Quotations/Tenders for the supply of various items to HARES, Zanaskar  
Au/TSRI/DPC/T-1/1835-36 Dt: 02/02/2017 10/02/2017 Supply of Computer/Electrical/Furniture items to TSRI, Mirgund 

AU/TSRI/Quo/CPC/S-1/1833-34 Date: 02/02/2017    

10/02/2017 Supply of Computerized charts to TSRI, Mirgund
AU/FVSc/2017/7527 Dt.31.01.1718/02/2017Supply of Mobile Stacks Steel (dust proof)
Au/DR/c-13/5585-5645 Dt: 31/01/2017 31/03/ 2017Corrigendum to Extension of Annual Rate Contract Furniture and Furnishing till 31st March, 2017
Au/GH/stores/8327 Dt:31/01/201707 daysSupply of Gas Delonghi (Gazal) along with commercial Cylinder Guest House SKUAST Kashmir 
Au/ENT/Acctts/2017/1313 Dt: 02/02/2017 10/02/2017Extended up to 10th February 2017 of date
Au/ENT/Acctts/2017/1308 Dt: 31/01/2017 15/02/2017Tender Notice and AMC of Equipment's of Entomology SKUAST Kashmir 
Au/HARES/Pdm/15-16/174 dt: 31/01/201715/02/2017Quotations/tenders supply of following items to TSP-Zanskar

No. AU/DPP/PVMP/2017/4946     Dated: 27.01.2017 

10/02/2017 Tender for the supply of disease free M9 and/or M7 Apple Root stock
FOA/Acctts/2017/5297-98 Dt:19/01/201706/02/2017Brief Tender Notice for Stationery & Printing material for Faculty of Agriculture Wadura

Au/DR/F-07/5282-90 Dated: 23.01.2017

 04/02/2017Tender for the supply & Installation of side and central/Island Laboratory working tables and overhead units for faculty of Horticulture, SKUAST-K, Shalimar (No. 4 Lab)
AU/FoA/Acctts/2017/5297-98 Dt. 19/1/201706/02/2017Tender for Stationar Items and printing material

AU/AS/CPC/2017/829 Dated:14/01/2017

No. AU/AS/CPC(EM)/2017/876-925 Dated:  24 .01.2017



Tender notice for the supply of Equipments/Machinery to the Division of Agri. Stats, Shalimar 


Au/Estates/NIT-18/2124-31 Dt: 11/01/2017 31/01/2017 Tender notice for the supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 30 KVA Air cooled, DG Set to Faculty of Fisheries, Rangil  
SKUAST-K/CL/DPC/594  Dated:12/01/2017 31/01/2017 Tender notice for the supply of Air Conditioner and Software to the Central Library, Shalimar 
AU/CPB/TL/2017/87-95 Date: 12/01/201726/01/2017Tender for the supply of Laboratory Equipments to the Centre for Plant BioTechnology, Shalimar campus 
AU/Ent/Acctts/2017/1154 Date: 12/01/2017 01/02/2017Tender for the supply of Laboratory Equipments in the Division of Entomology, Shalimar 
FOA/Acctts/2017/5195-5207 Dt: 10/01/2017 23/01/2017Tenders are invited for supply of Servo Stabilizers , UPS & Air Conditioners for  SKUAST-K Wadura Sopore
Au/Fofy/Acctts/2017-    Dt: 09/01/2017 23/01/2017  Tender notice for the supply of Equipments to the Faculty of Fisheries
Au/COE/2017/265-66 Dt: 10/01/17 31/01/2017Tender for supply of OMR and Scanner for examination cell

Au/FVS/LPM/CRP/PSP/84 Dt: 03/01/17

Au/FVS/LPM/CRP/PSP/92-94 Dt: 12/01/2017 


Tenders  are invited for supply of Hatchery equipment's


AU/TSRI/DPC/QUO/1469-71 Dt:03/01/1711/01/2017Quotation are invited from suppliers for supply of farm, rearing, stationery, sports, and other items for TSRI Mirgund 
AU/TSRI/DPC/QUO/1431-33 Dt:30/12/16 09/01/2017Quotation are invited from suppliers for supply of farm, rearing, stationery, sports, and other items for TSRI Mirgund 
Au/SWO/tender/16/948 dt: 30/12/2016 17/01/2016Tender for running University Canteen at Shalimar campus
FoA/PA/2016/4522-27 Dt: 26-12-2016  02-01-2016Dasti Quotation from  Wadura Sopore Kashmir
FoA/PA/2016/4525-33 Dt: 26-12-2016 07-01-2016Auction Notice from Wadura Sopore Kashmir

AU/ARIS/16-17/LAN-FoF/313-17 Dt 26 Dec 16

 05-01-2016Short Term Tender Notice for LAN at Faculty of Forestry, Benihama, Ganderbal

AU/ARIS/2016-17/F-6/287-95 Dated:20/12/2016

23/12/2016 Short Term Tender (Fresh) for supply, installation and comissioning of Video conferencing system and Online UPS at various locations of SKUAST-K
AU/FOFY/AAHE&ML-173 Dated: 19/12/2016 07/01/2017Supply of equipments to the faculty of fisheries
Au/FOH/2016/Acctts/GHP/3038-39 17/12/201626/12/2016Dasti Quotation for supply of Flame Heater ( Faculty of Horticulutre ) Shalimar
Au/RTCPPM/16/539 Dt: 14/12/2016 19/12/2016Quotations for purchase of furnishing items

Extension of LAN at FoA Wadura for Boys and Girls Hostel

BOQ for Extension of LAN at Wadura


Supply /Installation of Islan/laboratory working tables / benches /wall hanging units/storage cabinets

Tender Form

Anexure I & II

AU/ARIS/2016-17/F-26/265 Dt. 06-12-2016



Extension Notice

Supply of Networking Tools

AU/ARIS/2016-17/F-34/252-60 Dt: 03/12/2016


Tender for supply, installation and comissioning of Video conferencing system and Online UPS at various locations of SKUAST-K


Au/CPB/TL/2016/61-65 Dt:29/11/201621/12/2016Tender for Laboratory Equipment form Div. of  Biotechnology SKUAST Kashmir 
AU/FOFY/Acctts/2016-17/313 Dt:24/11/2016 



Quotations are invited for the supply of various equipments/Consumables/Stationary to the Faculty of Fisheries

Extension Notice for quotation 

AU/AE/p-4/16/1041-47 Dt: 17/11/2016 15/02/1016Notice Inviting Tenders by the Division of Agri Engg SKUAST Kashmir 
Foa/Acctts/16/3426-29 Dt: 15/11/16 20/11/2016Dasti Quatation for wadura
Agron/NMHS//35-40 Dated: 13-10-201615/12/2016 Tenders for construction of vermicomposting Units at  Faculty of Agriculture Wadura, Sopore
AU/ARIS/16-17/201 Dt. 31-10-2016 Cancellation of Tenders  AU/ARIS/F-3/16-17/161-70 dt. 6/10/16 and AU/ARIS/F-26/16-17/171-8- dt. 06/10/16 
AU/ARIS/F-26/2016-17/171-80 Date: 06/10/2016  27/10/2016

Providing and Installation of 50 Mbps Internet Connectivity Leased Line (OFC) (1:1) Uncompressed and unshared at SKUAST-K, Shalimar campus, Srinagar 

Cancellation of Tenders AU/ARIS/F-3/16-17/161-70 dt. 6/10/16 and AU/ARIS/F-26/16-17/171-8- dt. 06/10/16

AU/ARIS/F-03/2016-17/161-70 Date: 06/10/2016

AU/ARIS/F-03/2016-17/202 Dt: 31/10/2016 


Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Wired and Wireless Network at faculty of Veterinary Sciences (FVSC & AH), Shuhama

Cancellation of Tenders AU/ARIS/F-3/16-17/161-70 dt. 6/10/16 and AU/ARIS/F-26/16-17/171-8- dt. 06/10/16

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