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Tender Notices of SKUAST-Kashmir
Tender Notice No. & Date  Last Date  Title of work


No.Au/DE/ATIC/2017/  Dated.23 -05-2017

30/05/2017Tender Notice for supply of Electronic Display Boards
AU/DST/pdm/16-17/13 Dated:- 19/5/2017 NilTender/ Quotation Notice from HARES Zanskar Ladakh Skuast kashmir
AU/Est/17/T-05/325-30 Dated: 17/05/201726/05/2017 

Tender Notice No: (05) of Dated: 17/05/2017 

AU/Est/17/T-04/319-24 Dated: 17/05/201726/05/2017

Fresh Tender Notice No: (04) of 2017 Dated: 17/05/2017

Au/Acctts/Stores/1232 Dt: 11/05/2017 30/05/2017Supply of Stationery and miscellaneous items for Deputy comptroller (HQ) Shalimar SKUAST Kashmir
AU/Est/17 - Nil17/05/2017

Tender Notice No. (04) of 2017

AU/Est/17/T-03/(ES)/157-61Dt: 04/05/201717/05/2017

Tender Notice No. (03) of 2017

AU/Est/17/T-02/(CS)/163-68 Dt: 04/05/201717/05/2017

Tender Notice No. (02) of 2017

Au/DSS/NICRA/2017-18/19-22 Dt:27/04/17 25/05/2017 Tender for Equipment for project operated in the Division of Soil Science SKUAST-K Shalimar
AU/Est/17/T-01/103-08 Dated: 24/04/2017 16/05/2017 

Construction of Demonstration Units at KVK, Stakna, Leh and Construction of Vegetable Units at HRES, Zanaskar 

Au/RTCPPPM/17/732-735 Dt:26/04/2017 01/05/2017Dasti quotations from RTCPPPM SKUAST-Kashmir Shalimar
Nil 29/04/2017Notice inviting tender( Retendering ) from Faculty of Fisheries Rangil,  Ganderbal SKUAST Kashmir
Au/AS/CPC(EM)/2017/1719-75 Dt: 25/03/17  Corrigendum/Addendum to Supplementary Rate Contract under AU/AS/CPC(EM)/2016/1486-1540 Dt;17/03/2017
Nil 29/03/2017Extension of date in Auction
AU/MARES/Kgl/TSP/16-17/02 Dt:08/03/201728/03/2017Tender/Quotation Notice for supply of items and services at Kargil SKUAST Kashmir
AU/MARES/Kgl/TSP/16-17/01 Dt:06/03/2017 28/03/2017Tender/Quotation Notice for supply of items and services at Kargil SKUAST Kashmir
Au/FVS/BT/----------- Dt:19/03/2017 27/03/2017Tender  for Miscellaneous Equipment/items at Biotechnology Shuhama
AU/MARES/Kgl/TSP/16-17/01 dt:06/03/2017 28/03/2017 Tender notice for the supply of various items and services to the MARES, Kargil
Au/DE/2017/4668-73 Dated: 17/03/2017 24/03/2017 Tender for Supply and Installation of Digital Press to Directorate of Extension 
Au/ARIS/16-17/F-28/502 Dt. 17/03/201723/03/2017Tender Opening Notice for Academic Management System
Au/FOH/2017/D2/5985-87 Dt: 16/03/2017 24/03/2017

Dasti Quotation from Faculty of Horticultural SKUAST Kashmir Shalimar 

Au/FoFy/Acctts./16-17/6448 Dt:16/03/2017 25/03/2017Notice inviting tender for supply of labourers at Faculty of Fisheries SKUAST Kashmir
AU/ARIS/F-03/2016-17/492-95 Dt: 16/03/2017  23/03/2017Supply, installation, commissioning and testing of Wireless Network connectivity upto Boys and Girls Hostels from Library building at Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, Shuhama, Ganderbal
AU/ARIS/F-03/2016-17/482-86 Dt: 14/03/2017 24/03/2017 Rectification and Upgradation of Existing LAN and Supply, Installation and Commisioning of Wi Fi devices/Access points at Student's Hostels at Shalimar campus, SKUAST-K 
Au/Estates/NIT-29/2882-89 Dt: 13/03/2017 20/03/2017NIT No. (29) of 2017 dated:13/03/2017 Estates Wing, Shalimar Campus
 21/03/2017 Short Term Tender Notice for the supply of Milk Somatic Cell Counter etc to the Division of Vety. Biochemistry, FVSc. & A.H., Shuhama 
Au/EST/17-18(ES) T-28/2851-57 Dt: 09/03/2017 30/03/2017NIT No: 28 of 2016-17 
Au/EST/17-18(CS) T-27/2841-50Dt: 09/03/201730/03/2017 NIT No:27 of 2016-17
Au/FVS/BT/523 Dated:10/03/2017 21/03/2017 Tender for Laboratory Equipment at Division of Biotechnology Shuhama SKUAST Kashmir
Vetphysio/2017/318 Dated: 13/03/2017 Corrigendum  tender notice Veterinary Physiology Shuhama SKUAST Kashmir
Au/ENT/Acctts/2017/1534 Dt:13/03/2017 20/03/2017 Tender Notice  Entomology SKUAST Kashmir Shalimar
Au/Est/17-18(CS)/T-27/2841-50 dated 09/03/2017 31/03/2017 Tender Notice for Civil Stage

AU/ARIS/F-TSRI/2016-17/454 Dt. 08-03/2017

AU/ARIS/F-TSRI/2016-17/489 Dt: 16/3/2017



Tender Notice for Wired and Wireless Network at TSRI Mirgund


Au/Est/16-17/T-25/2716-23 Dt: 06/03/2017   15/03/2017 Tender Notice No:25 of 2016  Estates SKUAST Kashmir Shalimar
KVKN/Tender/2017/245-49 Dated: 06/03/2017 20/03/2017 Short Term Quotation for the supply of various items to KVK, Nyoma, Leh 
Au/SWO/17/1260-61 Dt:09/03/201717/03/2017Extension of tender notice for purchase of Regent and Lab. Equipment's (SWO Shalimar)

Auction Notice for Class Romm items at FVSc and AH Shuhama SKUAST Kashmir

Au/Est/16-17/T-26/2796-78 Dt: 07/03/2017  16/03/2017

Tender Notice No:(26) of 2016  Estates SKUAST Kashmir Shalimar


Corrigendum and Documents

Au/Est/16-17/T-24/C/2685-92 Dt: 03/03/2017 




Nit No: 24 of 2016 Dated: 03/03/2017

Civil Work 

KVKN/tender/2017/245/49 Dt:06/03/201720/03/2017Short term Quotation from KVK Leh SKUAST Kashmir
Au/AE/E-6/17/2185-91 Dt: 04/03/2017 15/03/2017Extension  Notice for supply of laboratory equipment's: Division of Agri. Engg. Shalimar
 ShalimarAu/Estates/NIT-23/2644-50 Dt:01.03.2017 11/03/2017NIT No: 23 of 2016 dated:01/03/2017
Au/TSRI/DPC/2097-98 Dt:28/02/2017 07/03/2017Extension of Receipt date for Quotations





Tender Notice from FVSc & AH Shuhama 

Details Specifications

Au/RTCPPPM/17/620-624 Dt: 01/03/2017 04/03/2017 Dasti Quotation from RTCPPPM Division of  Entomology Shalimar 
SKUAST-K/CL/DPC/727 Dt:01/03/2017 08/03/2017Extension Tender Notice  for supply of Air Conditioners to Central Library Shalimar
Au/FOH/2017/DQF/5440-42 Dt: 27/02/2017 06/03/2017Dasti Quotation for Mobile Phone Samsung/LG/Sony/HTC Faculty of Horticulture Shalimar
Au/DE/Acctts/2017/3997-4005 Dt:23-02-2017  02/03/2017 Tender from DEE SKUAST-K Shalimar
Au/SWO/Tender/2017/1195 Dt: 18/02/2017 04/03/2017Short term tender Notice  for Medical Lab Equipment's for SWO Office Shalimar

AU/ARIS/2016-17/F-28/409 Dt. 22.02.2017

Au/ARIS/2016-17/F-28/441-48 Dt:01/03/2017

AU/ARIS/2016-17/F-28/499 Dt:17/03/2017




Tender for design and development of Academic Management System

Corrigendum: Tender for design and development of Academic Management System

Notice regarding extension of date for tender submission

Au/Estates/NIT-21/2526-31 Dt:21.02.2017 06/03/2017NIT NO.(21) of 2016 dated:21/02/2017
Au/Estates/NIT-22/2532-38 Dt:21.02.201706/03/2017NIT NO.(22) of 2016 dated:21/02/2017
Au/SWO/Tender/17/192 Dt: 18/02/2017 07/03/2017Tender are invited  for supply of Kitchen Ware and other items
Au/DR/c-13/5585-5645 Dt: 31/01/2017 31/03/ 2017Corrigendum to Extension of Annual Rate Contract Furniture and Furnishing till 31st March, 2017
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