"1. A Leading University in Mountain Agriculture"        2. Prof. Mushtaq Ahmad, Dean Faculty of Agriculture Takes over as Registrar, SKUAST-Kashmir.
Tender Notices of SKUAST-Kashmir

Tender Notice  No. & Date 

Last Date Title of work 
HMAARIL/Acctts/Tender/2015/151-52 Dt:02-03-2015 12 March, 2015Tender are invited for the Supply of Diesel Generator Set for Leh SKUAST Kashmir
No: AU/FVS/LPM/CRP/PSP/151 Dt: 22/02/201515 March, 2015Tender  are invited for the Suppliers for supply of Poultry equipment for LPM Shuhama 
No: Au/SJR/2015/86  Dt: 16/01/2015 Expression of Interest SKUAST of Journal
AU/TSPG/NZD-AS/337 Dt:29/01/2015 09 Feb, 2015Quotations are invited  for the supply of various items to (MAR&ES), Gurez
No.:AU/ENT/DST/15/05 Dated: 21-01-2015 27 Jan, 2015 Tender/Quotation for the supply of different items under DST sponsored project
No:-AU/FVSc/    /15/7443-49 Dated:- 20 -01 -2015 13 Feb, 2015Tenders are invited for supply/installation of Smart Class Rooms in various Faculties of SKUAST-K
No.: AU/Agron/CPC/2015/1079 Dated: 16-01-2015 10 Feb, 2015Tender Notice for the supply of Laboratory Equipments/Machinery
No:Au/RRS/Wadura/2015/11-19 Dt:12-01-2015 03 Feb, 2015Tenders are invited for supply of polyhouses, Tunnel Type
No: DST/EPT/2015/26 Dt: 05-01-2015 15 Jan, 2015Tenders are invited for supply of  items under DST Fast Track Project on "EPT"technique
 No.Au/Fofy/Acctts/2014-15/194  Dt. 19-12-1430-12-2014NIT for the supply of Equipments, Chemicals, Teaching Aids, Stationery etc
No. Au/ARIS/2014/16405-01-2015
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