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Tender Notices of SKUAST-Kashmir

Tender Notice  No. & Date 

Last Date Title of work 
No:DST/EPT/2014/17 Dt: 08-11-201411 Nov, 2014Dasti Quotations invited for supply of Nikon-D series digital Camera and GPS
No:Au/AE/p-4/1494-1500 Dt: 07-11-201429 Nov, 2014Tenders are hereby invited for supply of Farm Machinery test, Scientific and Lab Equipments

No.: Au/SJR/2014/140 dated: 30-10-2014

10 Nov, 2014

Short term tender for printing of SKUAST Journal of Research

No.: Au/FOF/2014/W/tender/1794-97 

No.:FoA/Acctts/2014/3149-55 Dt. 16-10-2014

03 Nov, 2014 

25 Oct. 2014

NIT for the supply of Polybags (300 gauge) at Faculty of Forestry, Benhama, Wadura  

Short Term Tender Notice for the supply of Stationary and Computer related items at FOA, Wadura

Last date for receipt of tenders has been extended up to 08/11/2014
No:Au/MLRI/2014/Feed Mill/888-89 Dt: 30.09.201416 Oct, 2014Quotations are invited for supply of feed ingredients to MLRI Manasbal SKUAST Kashmir 
No: Au/FOF/F-88/2015/1343-1347 Dt: 26.08.2014 

05 Sept, 2014


Tenders are invited fro supply of stationery items, for Faculty of Forestry, Wadura

Extension of date 

No: AU/TSPG/NZD-A/50 Dated: 02/09/2014 09 Sept., 2014Quotations are invited for the supply of various items  for (MAR&ES), Gurez                                  
No: AU/SWO/tender/2014/713 Dt:22/08/201429 Aug, 2014Quotation are invited for supply of  Study Table ,Book Rack for Study Table and Dining Table
No: Au/Estates/NIT(06)/14/947-54 Dt:19-08-2014  01 Sept, 2014

Extension Notice to NIT No.(06) of 2014

NIT No. (06) of 2014

No: Au/MLRI/2014/Auction/622 Dt: 19/08/2014 26 Aug, 2014Auction Notice for Livestock at Mountain Livestock Research Institute Mansbal
No: Au/MLRI/2014/ELU/559 Dt: 31-07-2014  25 Aug, 2014 N.I.T for Purchasing and commissioning of Milk Processing Plant for MLRI Manasbal
No: Au/MLRI/2014/FeedMill/267-68 Dt: 02-06-2014 17 June, 2014

Quotation inviting for supply of Feed Ingredients to Feed Mill of MLRI Manasbal 

No: AU/AE/P-4/14/353-59 Dt: 23-05-201416 June, 2014Tenders for supply of various Machinery and other items for Div. of Agri. Engg. SKUAST Kashmir 
No: Au/Estates/NIT(01)/14/350-56 Dt:22-05-2014 06 June, 2014

Short Term NIT No.(01) of 2014

No:AU/MLRI/2014/Feed Mill/38 Dt: 09-04-2014 17 April, 2014Auction Notice of Mountain Livestock Research Institute Manasbal, Safapora
NO:AU/SWO/tender/14/38 Dt:04-04-2014 16 April, 2014

Tender are invited for supply of various medicines and dressing items

No.AU/VS/CPC-EM-14/214-270,dated:13-03-2014  Corrigendum
No: AU/CCCMA/2013-14/RKVY-3/73 Dt: 20-03-2014  Dasti-Quotations are invited for Resource Mapping Using Remote Sensing and GIS Approach
No: Au/MLRI/2013/FeedMill/5067-69 Dt: 14-03-201407 April, 2014Quotation for supply of Feed ingredients to the Feed Mill of MLRI Mansbal
No: Au/Estates/NIT(16)/13/502-14 Dt:10-03-201428/03/2014

Repairs / renovation to toilets of Chinar Ghar at main Campus Shalimar

No: Au/Estates/E-NIT(30)/502-14 Dt:11-03-201424/03/2014Internal electrification to information Technology Building at main campus Shalimar
No; AU/AE/tender/14/1412-20 DT: 18/02/2014 27/02/2014
No: Au/Estates/NIT(15)/13/2872-80 DT: 29/01/2014 17/02/2014

Internal Electrification of Information Technology Building at Main Campus Shalimar

No: Au/Estates/NIT(14)/13/2811-19 Dt:15/01/201429 Jan, 2013

NIT No. (14) of 2013


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