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Advertisement Notifications of SKUAST-Kashmir
No: Au/Adm/GAD/2015/14320-29 Dt: 27/08/2015 NilEngagement  of Contractual Lecturer ( Structural & spoken English) in all Faculties and TSRI, Mirgund
No: Au/AE/DST/203-04 Dt; 271/08/201507 Sep. 2015 

Advertisement for Project Assistant under DST Project 

No: AU/Adm/GAD/2015/WII/14244-48 Dt: 26/08/201502 Sep. 2015 Walk-In-Interview for the engagement of Contractual Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)
No: VM/NAE-3/08-11 Dt; 24/08/201508 Sept, 2015

Advertisement Notce for RA and SRF at Div. of VMI Shuhama

No: Au/Adm/GAD/2015/13346-54 Dt: 1-/08/201524 Aug, 2015Walk-In-Interview Contractual Lecturer
No: Au/Adm/GAD/2015/12749-55 Dt: 06/08/201513 Aug, 2015Walk-In-Interview Contractual Lecturer 
No. AU/RCRQA/2015/AINP/591 Dt: 28/07/2015 16 Aug, 2015Advertisement Notice for the post of LA/TA/RA & SRF
No.: AU/FVS/DBT/NASF            Dt: 14-07-2015  July 24, 2015 Advertisement Notice for Research Positions on Contractual basis under NASF project 
No: Au/DPP/PVMP/2015/4623-4624 dt: July 21, 2015July 29, 2015Advertisement Notice for Junior Research Fellow
No: Au/FoH/CMSC/2015/1073-79 dt: July 20, 2015 Regularization of adhoc appointees working against  non-teaching category posts
No: Au/FoH/CMSC/2015/1066-72 dt: July 20, 2015 Interview of adhoc appointees working against  non-teaching category posts
No:Au/Adm(GAD)/2015/4700-4760 Dt: 15-06-2015 14 July, 2015 Advertisement notice for the posts of FCLA 
 29 June, 2015 Walk-in-Interview for the post of JRF under DST sponsored Project 
No.:AU/KVK-B/2015-16/65 Dated: 10-06-2015  20 June, 2015 Contractual Engagement of SRF under NICRA project in Bandipora  
No.: AU/AEM/S&T/2015/03 Dated:09-06-2015  16 June, 2015 Walk-in-Interview for Contractual Positions under DST sponsored Project  
No.: AU/MARES/KGL/DBT/15-16/10 Dt: 01/06/2015 08 June, 2015 Advertisement Notice (Walk in Interview) for post of JRF at MARES, Kargil under DBT Project
No: Au/AICRP/Pashmina/15/129 Dt: 25/05/201515 June, 2015Advertisement Notice for post of SRF at HMAARI, Leh under AICRP
No: Au/FoFy/NSPAAD-Ad-115 Dt: 19-05-2015NilAdvertisement Notice for SRF Under ICAR with Application Form
No:Au/Adm/(GAD)/2015/2443-93 Dt: 13-05-201505 June, 2015Advertisement Notice No: 04 of 2015 with Application Form
No: AU/Adm (GAD)/2015/2248-2300 Dt: 11-05-201504 June, 2015

Advertisement notice for the post of Driver

Application Form 

No.:Au/Adm(GAD)/2015/2087-2147 Dt: 08-05-2015 08 June, 2015 
No: Au/Adm/(GAD)/2015/586-632 Dt: 09-04-201508 May, 2015 Advertisement No: 01 of 2015 with application form
No.: AU/MARES/KGL/DBT/14-15/05 Dt: 27/04/2015 07 May, 2015 Advertisement Notice for the post of JRF and Field Assistant under DBTProject at MARES Kargil 
No.:AU/FVS/CWDB/Pashmina/15/107 Dt: 22/04/2015  05 May, 2015Advertisement Notice: Walk-in interview for the Position of JRF 
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