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Advertisement Notifications of SKUAST-Kashmir
No:AU/HMAARI/( PFDC )/2015/11 Dt:10/04/201520 April, 2015 Advertisement for RA & SRF SKUAST-K,Leh
No: Au/Adm/(GAD)/2015/586-632 Dt; 09-04-201508 May, 2015Advertisement No:01 of 2015 with application form
No:Au/KVK/NICRA/15/1531-34 Dt: 10-03-201523 March, 2015Advertisement Notice for engagement of SRF under NICRA
No: Au/Adm(GAD)/2014/18389 Dt:30- 12-2014Jan 20, 2015

Advertisement  Notice No:03 of 2014 for the posts Professor/Chief Scientist

No: AU/Adm(GAD)/2014/18390 Dt:30- 12-2014Jan 20, 2015

Advertisement  Notice No:04 of 2014 for the posts Associate Professor/ Sr.Scientist

No:AU/ADM(GAD)/2014/16238-49 Dec 26, 2014 Cancellation of interviews scheduled for 27th December, 2014
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