"1. A Leading University in Mountain Agriculture"       2. Prof Nazeer Ahmed, Director CITH, Srinagar, Kashmir Take over as Vice-Chancellor SKUAST-Kashmir on October 23, 2015.       
Advertisement Notifications of SKUAST-Kashmir
No. and Date Date of Interview Details of Advertisement 
AU/Adm(GAD)/2016/23605-23705 Dt:21/01/2016  Withdrawal of Teaching positions appearing at SNo. 11,12,13 & 14 advertised in Adv. Notice No. 02 of 2015 dated 08/05/2015
Not provided 02 Feb, 2016 Advertisement notice for the posts of JRF, PA under DST sponsored project at Faculty of forestry, Benihama 
Not provided 14 Dec, 2015 Advertisement notice (Walk-in-Interview) for the post of JRF in the Department of Biotechnology at MARES, Kargil 
 21 Dec, 2015 Advertisement for the post of SRF on contractual basis in the Faculty of Forestry, Benihama 
No: AU/DARS/UGC/2015/11 Dated 21/11/2015 26 Nov, 2015 Interview notice for the position of Project Fellow under UGC sponsored project at DARS, Budgam 

No: AU/MARES/KGL/DBT/15-16/29  Dated: 18/11/2015 

26 Nov, 2015 

Walk in Interview for the post of JRF in the deptt. of Biotechnology under DBT sponsored project at MARES, Kargil 

Cancellation of Walk-In-Interview for the post of JRF

No: AU/DARS/UGC/2015/10 dated: 14/11/15 21 Nov, 2015 Advertisement notice for the post of Project fellow in the UGC sponsored project in DARS, Budgam 
No:AU/HMAARI/Est/12015/114 dated 26/10/2015 10 Nov, 2015Advertisement notice for the post of Research Associate at Precision Farming Development Centre SKUAST-K, Leh
No.: AU/RCRQA/2015/AINP/625 dt: 16/10/15 23 Oct, 2015 Advertisement notice for the posts of Tech Asstt., RA and SRF under AINP in RCRQA, Shalimar
No:UGC/Proj./10/03 dated: 13/10/201526 Oct,  2015               Advertisement Notice for Project Fellow  UGC Research Project
No:VMI/NAE-3/65-66  dated: 30/09/2015           

19 Oct, 2015 

26 Oct, 2015

at 11:00  

Advertisement Notice for the post of Research Assistant

Reschedule of Interview for RA under NAE Project

No:VMI/NAE-3/61-64   dated: 30/09/2015 19 Oct, 2015 Advertisement Notice for the post of RA Co-Terminus with the project in the Division of Veterinary Microbiology & Immunology, Shuhama 
No: 06 Oct, 2015Advertisement for the post of Research Associate under DBT sponsored project in the Division of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture 
No: Au/Adm(GAD)/2015/15560-15620 Dt: 23-09-1531 Oct, 2015

Advertisement Notice No: 06 of 2015 for the post Directors of SKUAST Kashmir

No: AU/AICRP/Pashmina/15/182 Dated: 17/09/2015 03 Oct, 2015 Engagement of JRF in HMAARI, Leh under AICRP Project 
No: AU/DOFS/Apple-K-IPI/110 Dated: 11/09/2015 17 Sep, 2015 Engagement of Research Assistant on Contractual position in the Division of Fruit Sciences, Shalimar-regarding 
No: AU/FOFY/PE/94  Dated: 10/09/2015 20 Sep, 2015 Engagement of JRF on Contractual basis in Faculty of Fisheries - regarding 
No: Au/Adm/GAD/2015/14785-14790 Dt: 04/09/2015 NilEngagement of contractual lecturer( Mechanical Engineering) Agri. Engg SKUAST- Kashmir
No.: AU/FVS/BT/MG/2210-12 Dated: 09/09/2015 17 Sep, 2015Applications are invited for a contractual position of SRF at Div.of Bio FVSc & AH
No: Au/Adm/GAD/2015/14320-29 Dt: 27/08/2015 NilEngagement  of Contractual Lecturer ( Structural & spoken English) in all Faculties and TSRI, Mirgund
No: Au/AE/DST/203-04 Dt; 271/08/201507 Sep. 2015 

Advertisement for Project Assistant under DST Project 

No: AU/Adm/GAD/2015/WII/14244-48 Dt: 26/08/201502 Sep. 2015 Walk-In-Interview for the engagement of Contractual Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)
No: VM/NAE-3/08-11 Dt; 24/08/201508 Sept, 2015

Advertisement Notce for RA and SRF at Div. of VMI Shuhama

No: Au/Adm/GAD/2015/13346-54 Dt: 1-/08/201524 Aug, 2015Walk-In-Interview Contractual Lecturer
No: Au/Adm/GAD/2015/12749-55 Dt: 06/08/201513 Aug, 2015Walk-In-Interview Contractual Lecturer 
No. AU/RCRQA/2015/AINP/591 Dt: 28/07/2015 16 Aug, 2015Advertisement Notice for the post of LA/TA/RA & SRF
No.: AU/FVS/DBT/NASF            Dt: 14-07-2015  July 24, 2015 Advertisement Notice for Research Positions on Contractual basis under NASF project 
No: Au/DPP/PVMP/2015/4623-4624 dt: July 21, 2015July 29, 2015Advertisement Notice for Junior Research Fellow
No: Au/FoH/CMSC/2015/1073-79 dt: July 20, 2015 Regularization of adhoc appointees working against  non-teaching category posts
No: Au/FoH/CMSC/2015/1066-72 dt: July 20, 2015 Interview of adhoc appointees working against  non-teaching category posts
No:Au/Adm(GAD)/2015/4700-4760 Dt: 15-06-2015 14 July, 2015 Advertisement notice for the posts of FCLA 
 29 June, 2015 Walk-in-Interview for the post of JRF under DST sponsored Project 
No.:AU/KVK-B/2015-16/65 Dated: 10-06-2015  20 June, 2015 Contractual Engagement of SRF under NICRA project in Bandipora  
No.: AU/AEM/S&T/2015/03 Dated:09-06-2015  16 June, 2015 Walk-in-Interview for Contractual Positions under DST sponsored Project  
No.: AU/MARES/KGL/DBT/15-16/10 Dt: 01/06/2015 08 June, 2015 Advertisement Notice (Walk in Interview) for post of JRF at MARES, Kargil under DBT Project
No: Au/AICRP/Pashmina/15/129 Dt: 25/05/201515 June, 2015Advertisement Notice for post of SRF at HMAARI, Leh under AICRP
No: Au/FoFy/NSPAAD-Ad-115 Dt: 19-05-2015NilAdvertisement Notice for SRF Under ICAR with Application Form
No:Au/Adm/(GAD)/2015/2443-93 Dt: 13-05-201505 June, 2015Advertisement Notice No: 04 of 2015 with Application Form
No: AU/Adm (GAD)/2015/2248-2300 Dt: 11-05-201504 June, 2015

Advertisement notice for the post of Driver

Application Form 

No.:Au/Adm(GAD)/2015/2087-2147 Dt: 08-05-2015 08 June, 2015 
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