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Research Activities of Post Harvest Technology
Research activities 
 Concluded  Externally funded  Research projects :
  • Improvement of shelf life  of apple cultivars  “ Red delicious” and” Ambr” for promotion of export trade (APEDA)
  • Projects completed under AICRP Project:
  • Survey for traditional post harvest practices and loss assessment for major or agri / hort.                   crops and meat of Jammu and Kashmir
  • Training  of unemployed youth for processing of fruits and vegetables
  • Studies on evaluation of rice puffing machines
  • Studies on grading of apricot for fresh produce marketing
  • Studies on shelling capacity, grain recovery and grain damage using horizontal and vertical cab sheller                              
  • Studies on Dehulling of walnut
  • Studies on preparation of cherry candy, squash and nectar as per FPO specifications  
  • Feasibility testing of apple and pear fruit harvestor and their field testing and demonstration at Kargil and Ladakh
  • Adoption and development of dried apricot grader and its demonstration at Kargil and Ladkh
  • Molecular analysis of P53 tumour suppressor gene in human esophageal and stomac cancer (DST)
  • Integrated Pest and disease management validation technology on apple ( ICAR) 
  •  RCM Research Projects:
  •  Management of rain –induced cracking in “Sweet Cherry” (Prunus avium L.) cultivars
  • Keeping quality and storage related disorders of” William Pear” as influenced by certain  chemicals
  • Physiological basis of bitter pit and its management
  • Screening of strawberry and plum cultivars. or nectar and juice production
  • Surveillance and integrated management of post harvest storage diseases of important fruits 
  • Prevalence and management of major post harvest storage diseases of floricultural crops (Tulip and Gladiolus)
  • Studies on mycotoxin contamination problems in specific foods and their management studies 
  •  Solar drying of vegetables
  • Screening of newly developed tomato cultivars for value added products
  • Storage studies on fresh vegetables under zero energy cool chamber (ZECC)
  • Evaluation of antioxidant capacity in stone fruits
  • Influence of cultivar and phonological stages on phenylalanine ammonium lyase (PAL) activity and total phenol content of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) and its seeds with antidiabitic activity   
  • Mechanical decortications of water chestnut and its value addition
  • Post harvest response of ‘Santa Rosa’ plum (Prunus salicina Lindl) to ethanol vapor  treatment
  • Ongoing  Research projects:
  • Projects under AICRP on PHT
  • Development of Walnut cracking Machine
  •  Feasibility Testing Performance, Evaluation and Popularization of Walnut Dehuller
  • Establishment of agro-processing centre,  extrusion behavior of  Kashmir Rice and training and demonstrations
  • Project under RCM  
  • Comparison of  different rice varieties of Kashmir Division for quality evaluation
  • Effect of osmospriming and growth regulator treatments on germination and  vigour of maize Zea mays L)
  • Development and standardization protein fortified plum nectar
  • Chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic role of phenalic enriched fenugreek sprouts as functional food in related to diabetes.


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