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Research Activities of Agricultural Engineering

Future Strategies


Thrust Area

The Division has presently large number of research schemes financed by state government and Indian Council of Agricultural research. The mechanization of various field operations and popularization of technologies amongst the farmers developed under various project is being done through different extension activities. Large number of technologies developed by the division have been adopted by the farmers. The division is also engaged in fabrication and sale of prototypes under strict quality control for their large scale popularization among the farming community.

To undertake adaptive, applied and basic research in different aspects of Agricultural Engineering for temperate and cold arid zones relating to natural resource development and conservation increasing agricultural production and productivity without drudgery, on-farm post-harvest technology and value addition, transport and management.

To apply engineering principles and practices to rural life with urban amenities improving quality of living, curbing migration to urban areas.

To transfer field worthy technologies to the farmers, craftsmen and manufacturers facilitating agricultural mechanization in the region on-farm agro-processing generating income and employment.

To act as repository of information on aspects of Agricultural Engineering and Technology and their appropriate dissemination for socio-economic development.


To excel in teaching, research and extension education in agricultural engineering. The division is committed to benefit the state by helping the farming community through mechanization of agriculture and, hence, by increasing the farm production through the conservation and management of natural resources

Research Projects Completed 

S. No.


Name of the P.I/CoPI

Date of start

Date of Completion

Externally Funded Project


Development of Small Tools & Equipments for Mechanized Hill Farming.

Er. Junaid N. A Khan, & Er. N. C. Shahi




Prototype Feasibility Testing of  Farm implements & Machinery in selected regions of Jammu & Kashmir

Er. Jagvir Dixit  & Er. N. C. Shahi




Anthropometric survey of Agricultural workers of Kashmir and Ladakh regions of J&K State for safe and efficient design of agricultural Equipments.

Er. Jagvir Dixit & Er.N. C. Shahi



4. Water Harvesting structures for increasing water use efficiency (FPARP funded by Ministry of water resources)

Er. Junaid Nazir Khan






Design of suitable Biogas Plant for  production of methane gas under temperate climatic conditions (DST project)

Er. S.K.lohan and Er Jagvir Dixit


6.  Mechanization of Horticultural Crops for Reducing Drudgery and Increasing work Efficiency in Kashmir Valley (Funded by ICAR)

Er. Mudasir Ali



7. Refinement and Development of low Cost Protected Structures for Off season vegetable Cultivation (funded by ICAR)Er. Rohitashw Kumar   

 RCM Funded projects


Development and performance of portable charring kiln and extruder to prepare rural kitchen fuel using crop residue.

Er. Jagvir Dixit , Er N. C. Shahi & Er. Junaid N. Khan

April 2004

April 2007


Performance evaluation of light weight power tiller (5.5 H.P.) in valley and terraced lands of the region for different Agricultural operations.

Er. Jagvir Dixit & Er.  N. C. Shahi 

September 2005

April 2007


Performance Evaluation of Manually Operated Maize Planter.

Er. N. C. Shahi & Er. Junaid N. Khan

April 2003

April 2006

Ongoining Reserach Projects

S. No.


Name of the P.I/CoPI

Date of start

Targeted Date of Completion



AICRP on Plasticulture Engineering and Technology (PET)

Dr. Rohitashw Kumar



Establishment of Farm Machinery Testing Centre  (funded by RKVY)

Dr. Jagvir Dixit



Design and Development of Electronic Saffron corm and Walnut grader (Funded by DST)

Dr. G.M. Mir




Transferable Technology Developed

1.        Pipe bending machine

2.        Electronic Saffron Dryer

3.        ‘Churpee’ Solar dryer

4.        Walnut Grader (pedal operated)

5.        Saffron corm Grader

6.        Walnut De-huller

7.        Almond de-huller

8.        Pedal operated Maize Sheller

9.        Twin Wheel hoe (for vegetable crops)

10.     Apricot Harvesting net/Catching net.

11.     Apricot Pit Cracker

12.     Bicycle operated water pump

13.     Orchard ladder

14.     Manual Fruit picker

15.     Low cost polyhouse 

16.     Biogas plant for cold region


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