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Research Activities of Agricultural Statistics
  •  (i) Research projects Completed



Name of the PI/CoPI

Date of Start

Date of Completion


Computer programmes for data analysis in  common field experiments


April 2000



Bayesian statistical modeling in sheep breeding of Kashmir

TAS Ganai
AH  Mir




Development Bayesian statistical methods for evaluation of variability in soils  of Kashmir

B Hassan



 (ii) Ongoing Research Projects



Name of the PI/CoPI

Date of Start

Targeted date of completion



Biometrical methods with S-Plus software

A.A. Khan/
Gul Zaffer




Development of statistical methodology for estimating extent of labour utilization in live stock and poultry keeping in Pulwama District.

S Maqbool




Development of Bayesians methods in Agricultural statistics.

TA Raja
Bilal A Bhat



 (ii) Research Publications

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